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Benefits Of Using A Deep Fryer – Reasons to Buy Deep Fryer

You might not have an idea about a deep fryer because you frequently use a frying pan for deep-fries. A deep fryer is used in the kitchen to fry a few food items and gives a better output compared to a normal pan. At present, people who live in the city are gradually starting to use deep fryers because of the benefits offered. There are different types of fryers available in the market, choose the one depending on your specific needs. The new models come with many unique features that make fryers more convenient to have and use in the kitchen. 

Why Should I Need A Deep Fryer image
Why Should I Need A Deep Fryer image

The latest design of this equipment is built with many specialities that help the user to fry snacks, potatoes, chips, and many others very easily. 

Why Should I Need a Deep Fryer?

Here are some of the best reasons why one should own a deep fryer. Let us look discuss the advantages of a deep fryer in detail when compared to normal cooking methods. 

  • Faster Frying Method

The time needed to complete the frying with the deep fryer will be very less compared to the frying pan. Along with time-saving, you also don’t need to worry about flipping the food while cooking, just like an ordinary frying method where the food will be overcooked if it is not flipped, and you have to be alert till it is cooked. Modern deep fryers can cook the food easily and perfectly, and they also have a timer as their feature where you can set the correct cooking time for specific foods and also notifies you when cooking is done. 

  • Saves Oil

The amount of oil required to deep fry food is generally more compared to any other food cooking method. With a frying pan, there will be a lot of oil wastage due to spillage. Moreover, once the oil used in the frying pan will not be appropriate for cooking some other food, so you need to spend more money to purchase new oil for cooking. With the help of a deep fryer, the quantity of oil wasted will be reduced quite significantly as it reduces spillage. It has a safety lid to prevent the splashing of oil while cooking. The oil will also be clean, and it can be reused. 

  • Crispy & Delicious Food

With a deep fryer, food turns out to be quite crispy and delicious. As deep fryers are included with thermostats, you can manage the cooking temperature, so the possibility of overcooking reduces—some of the snacks like chicken, potatoes, chips, crackers, and many others. 

  • Practical Use

There are two types of deep fryer you can get in the market. One is a deep fryer using the gas, and the other one is using electricity. For residential purposes, it is better to choose the one that uses electricity. The odor of the food you are preparing with a deep fryer will spread to the entire home. It is not possible with modern units as they are included with odor filters. 

Is a Deep Fryer Worth it?

Some tiny kitchen equipment is worth the place they occupy in the kitchen, and one such appliance is a deep fryer. Everyone knows that fried food is not good for health, and we should try to avoid eating fried foods. But at times, nothing can beat the taste of some fried food items. 

 With a deep fryer, one can get restaurant quality and taste of fried food items at home, without any much mess and clean-up. The oil used in this fryer can be reused. Modern deep fryers function almost like professional models, and you can find many models at affordable prices. 

Things to consider while taking a deep fryer:

  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Heat to the correct temperature quickly
  • Re-heat to the appropriate temperature after food-item is dipped in the oil. 

Deep Fryers Types:

  • Propane deep fryer
  • Electric deep fryer
  • Oil-less deep fryers

Why is Fried Food Bad?

Deep frying is the most common cooking process all over the world. It is a very expensive and fast way to cook foods, but it is universally approved to be extremely unhealthy. Let us now see how fried food can spoil your health. 

  • High in calories

Deep frying in general methods will add quite some calories. It is for a reason that food before deep-frying is commonly dipped in some batter or flour. The oil replaces the water as the food is being cooked by absorbing fat and increases the calorie count up. For example, when a potato is baked, it contains no fat and 90 calories. The same potato when fried to prepare French fries, then it has 17 grams of fat and 320 calories. It is quite clear that calories add up quickly when the food is fried. 

  • Loaded with High Trans Fat

Hydrogenation is a process where unsaturated fats form Trans Fats. Generally, food manufacturers hydrogenate fats with the help of hydrogen gas and high pressure to raise their stability and shelf life. Still, hydrogenation also takes place when oils are used for cooking at high temperatures. Trans Fats are not easy for the body to break down and have many risky effects on health like obesity, heart attack, some kinds of cancer, and diabetes. Deep-fried food items are cooked in vegetable oil at high temperatures, so this gives way for the Trans Fats to begin with. When vegetable oil is still heated, the Trans fats amount will start increasing, which is just like an attack. 

  • Alternative Cooking Process

The taste of fried is very delicious but not worth eating because of its effect on health. If you love eating fried foods, make them easily at home without frying at all. You can make these possible using different types of oils for cooking the food, such as coconut oil or avocado oil. Olive oil can also be used for deep frying food.  

Whatever you eat today will finally reflect on your future health status, so it’s better to avoid deep-fried food and start making healthy food to have a fitness journey.

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