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How do you choose the right Family Size Deep Fryer?

 Fried food in deep fryers is very delicious and an addictive indulgence. There are different types of deep fryers in the market for domestic as well as commercial purposes. How else do you think your favourite fast-food chains serve all those people their fries and wings? By using large commercial-sized deep fryers. Many of the users are not aware of What Size Deep Fryer Do I Need for Kitchen. As each purpose has its different size.

What Size Deep Fryer Do I Need image
What Size Deep Fryer Do I Need image

What Size Deep Fryer Do I Need?

For instance, if you’re vegetarian or non- vegetarian can largely dictate the size of your deep fryer size. Also, many foods can easily be cooked with other foods or be used in their oil, but foods like chicken or fish leave in their oil, a distinct flavour that prevents that oil from being used for any food.

You cannot cook fish or chicken with any other meat simultaneously. Usually, meat is not cooked alongside any tempura vegetables or seafood, and they should be cooked separately. Keeping this in mind, as well as the knowledge of what kind of menu persists in your home, you will have to decide how many fryer pots will be required by your kitchen.

What kind of food will you be cooking?

We should also bring to your notice that if you fry a lot of frozen foods, then you will have to buy deep fryer bigger in size so that the oil can recover fast in a bigger fryer from the chill of the frozen foods. Also, while you are cooking frozen food in a fryer, make sure that you aren’t frying a large batch altogether as that will turn the oil completely cold, and the oil won’t be able to recover from the cool temperature to hot temperature soon.

There is also something called speciality fryers that are available in the market for specific food items. These speciality fryers are made for mostly commercial purposes and are food items like corn dogs, doughnuts, etc. How they work is by specifically addressing the condition that is required for frying a corn dog. There are also fryers for funnel cakes that have heating elements underneath the vat that prevent the cakes from getting burnt.

Quantity of the food you will be cooking

After you estimate the kind of food that you usually cook, you must also know about the quantity of these foods. How much of certain food are you going to cook? Suppose if you are a family and you are looking for a fryer that will accommodate your turkey in it, look for a removable double or triple basket deep fryer. Which you can use a single large space after removing the removable baskets.  

The size of a deep fryer is measured in terms of the amount of oil it can hold in one vat. Most of the countertop deep fryers are capable of holding anywhere from 10- 30 lbs. of oil/ pot. Other floor models are capable of holding anywhere between 35 lbs to 100 lbs. Of vat per pot. The key to understanding the capacity of a deep fryer is to understand its ability to give an output lying anywhere between 1 and a half to 2 times the amount of oil that has been input for cooking the food. However, this might differ in cases when food that being cooked is frozen in nature. Frozen foods take longer to cook, so the output from the oil per hour will be less.

Amount of space you can offer

While purchasing a deep fryer, it is also important that you consider the amount of space you have in your kitchen that can be used by the deep fryer. The deep floor fryers come in different sizes and can be as little as 15 inches in width to as big as 78”. The battery deep fryers are even larger than these in their width.

The varying sizes of deep fryers make it imperative that you keep in mind the amount of space you have in your kitchen for the deep fryer. It is not only the amount of space that the deep fryer would take up, but you should also be considering the amount of space that any added accessories with the deep fryer would take. For instance, there are drainboards and dump stations that come with the deep fryer, which can increase the total width of the deep fryer. There are also some models of deep fryers that come with kitchen elements like griddles.


You should consider not only the horizontal space that the fryer would take up but also the vertical space, which means that it is important to also consider the amount of space that the height of the deep fryer would take up. In addition to this, you will also have to consider that the fryer will require some kind of ventilation, especially under the hood of the kitchen, or otherwise opt for a vent less model. Vent less deep fryers have default exhaust pipes, and they may require more space vertically, but they can still be placed anywhere in the kitchen.

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