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Deep Fryer Accessories – Which are Needed for a Perfect Deep Fryer?

Having a deep fryer in the kitchen countertop means unlimited access to yummy deep-fried foods whenever you want. But is that all you need to perfectly deep fry the batch of chicken wings or yummy calamari rings? The absolute craze for fried foods is always there for ages, but making it an everyday household affair was maybe a decade old or so. But making the same quality yummy fried foods like the corner cafes or food trucks do, at home, is not just a child’s play. There are so many different factors one has to keep in mind to achieve the perfectly cooked end product with crunchy and brown exterior and evenly tastier and juicer inside. 

WhatDeep Fryer Accessories Do I Need image
Deep Fryer Accessories image

What Deep Fryer Accessories Do I Need?

To get the perfect fried food, you need to take care of the perfect type of oil, the optimal temperature for frying. Even sealing the natural moisture inside the food and so many different other factors. One particular feature, which is overlooked by most of the users, but that also takes up a major role in the perfect cooking of a particular food item in the appliance. And yes, we are talking about different accessories which are designed for deep fryers only. The particular objective of all these deep fryer accessories is to improve the overall functionality and efficiency of the appliance altogether.     

The list of accessories for deep fryers is pretty long, but here we have listed down those only, which are considered as the ultimate necessity. All these listed accessories for deep fryers are only meant to make the entire frying process away easier and safer and better. The accessories you must consider for your deep fryer are as follows:

Frying Basket

This is the ultimate accessory without which it is not even possible for the deep fryer to start functioning. The frying basket is considered as one of the essential parts of any deep fryer kit. In most cases, they came along with the appliance itself. The frying baskets are meshed utensils, come in a variety of shapes, and consist of a handle. The frying baskets holds the food when it is being cooked. Moreover, the baskets also make it easier for the user to take out the cooked food easily from that hot and bubbling pool of oil.

Depending on the size and shape of the appliance itself, users can select their desired frying basket pretty easily. However, depending on the size of the food fried on the basket, either a coarse mesh basket or fine one can also be chosen.


Though the basic function of a skimmer is pretty similar to that of a fryer basket, the only difference lies in the convenience and overall utility of both the accessories. Skimmers are a small to a medium-sized strainer, consisting of either course or medium or fine mesh, attached to a handle. Unlike regular frying baskets, skimmers do not sit inside the fryer. Hence they rest on the edge of the appliance itself. Skimmers have proven as pretty helpful when there is more that one batch of food is needed to be fried on the appliance. 


Controlling the temperature at an optimal level is one of the primary criteria of getting a perfectly fried food every time. Though it may sound so easy, controlling the temperature can be very intimidating. Though most of the moderate to great quality deep fryers equipped with in-built thermometers. In most of them, the meters are not that as they claim. So, using an external food thermometer separately is not a bad idea, after all. 

Splash Guard 

As deep-frying has consisted of a lot of oil boiling in extremely high temperature, splashing is anyway a pretty normal matter. Unlike the delight of having hot fried food in the comfort of your own home, the cleaning afterwards is not that playful. So, to reduce the chances of oil splashes and fallen in the kitchen floors, splash guards have been invented. It is a screen that prevents the oil from splashing out of the appliance. Moreover, as splash guards built with non-stick material, these are easier to clean as well.

Cooling Racks

It is a fact by the way, that the most advanced of deep fryers also has nothing to do with the oil which is there on the food surface. Also, like food, it is incredibly hot during cooking. Resting them for a bit before serving is a necessity. Cooling racks basically made with metal wires, and it is not only helping in the cooling down of the food, but they also help in the draining out of remaining oil as well. 

Oil Pump and Filter

Deep fryers have to deal with a lot of oil every time it is cooking food. And due to the high cost of oil, discarding it every single time is not even an option. So, the key is lying in recycling. Here comes the utility of oil pumps and filters, which clean out the oil after every single time and makes it ready to use for the next. The filters are even so powerful that it can remove the slight trace of the previous cooking job from the oil.


So, deep frying is a lot more than buying a deep fryer appliance and stacking up a lot of oil only. A perfectly deep-fried food requires the intervention of different utility accessories as well, along with all those important knick and knacks. Here, we have tried to enlist all those accessories for your very own deep fryer, which are here in the market with only one objective, i.e., making your cooking and life easier. So, it is always a wise choice to invest in at least some of them to make the cooking process more enjoyable.

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