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Which Deep Fryer should I Buy?

 In the modern era, almost everyone is a fan of fried food. To buy a deep fryer for your use is one of the frequent questions that arise these days. You have to be specific about which type of deep fryer will be best for your purpose.

Types of Deep Fryers image
Types of Deep Fryers image

Types of Deep Fryers

There are many different types of deep fryers available in the market. Some of them are listed below. If you are a person who cooks fried food occasionally, then you must need the best Deep fryer in your kitchen. 

Different Types of Deep Fryer

  • Electric Deep Fryer
  • Propane Deep Fryer
  • Air Fryer /Oil Less
  • Commercial Deep Fryer
  • Turkey Deep Fryer

Electric deep fryer

The electric deep fryers are the safest option for deep fryers. They run on electricity that is safer than the deep fryers which work on propane. Usually, the electric deep fryers come in smaller sizes. If you are looking for a deep fryer to set up your kitchen, this will be the better choice than others since they are compact in size as well as safer to use. While manufacturing electric deep fryers, it is being taken care that there should not be any accidents while using it. There are many models available for this type of deep fryer. Mostly, you will find it in a small size. The cost will be around $100 to $200.

. While cooking food in bulk, they are not efficient as deep propane fryers since they are of small size. Even if you opt for a larger electric deep fryer, it will cost you more than propane deep fryers. You have to cook food in batches if the meal is large. It will increase the cost of preparing food. Also, the food will have the smell of oil stuck to it.t This is a serious issue related to the electric deep fryers. 

Propane deep fryer

This type of deep fryers runs on propane as fuel. If you are looking for a deep fryer for your restaurants or to set up a food joint, this is your best choice. They are more efficient than electric deep fryers. You can easily find different models in the market. Most of them are designed to cook food in a larger quantity. Food will be more crispy and tastier if you opt for the propane deep fryer. You can have better-fried food than electric deep fryers.

Another reason to opt for a propane deep fryer is that they heat the oil quickly. You do not have to wait for long to get your oil heat up to the right temperature. But you have to care about handling it. If you are not careful about using this type of deep fryer, accidents may happen. You have to focus on its maintenance as well as cleaning. It is recommended that you should use a propane deep fryer outside. It is not recommended to use it inside the house. You should always be aware of the fuel remaining in the propane tank. You have to take efforts to refill your tank now and then as per your use and convenience.

Air fryer

If you are health conscious, the air fryer will be the best choice for you. You can enjoy fried food as well as stay healthy. This type of fryer requires a small amount of oil. It will require almost a single spoon of oil to fry the food. You can save the cost associated with oil just by opting for the deep air fryer. The food will be healthier cooked in this type of deep fryer than any other. You do not have to put much effort in order to keep it clean since there is not too much consumption of oil while cooking.

Just wash it with water and soap. You can keep it clean just by rinsing it with a simple scrubber and soapy water. Another reason to opt for this type of fryer is that they do not leave any greasy material after cooking food. You will not find much residue leftover in the fryer. It will be of your help while cleaning it. The cost of deep air fryers is much more than other types of a deep fryer. A single model of air fryer will cost you more than $200. 

Commercial deep fryer

The commercial deep fryers are specifically designed for commercial purposes. These types of deep fryers are perfect if you are thinking of starting any food joint or any restaurant. You can cook food in a very large quantity. You do not have to waste much time heating the oil. The cost of this type of deep fryers is more than others. You have to be thorough while cleaning your fryer.

You need to cover all the corners and parts of this type of fryers to avoid rusting and to maintain the quality of food. There are many accessories provided along with this type of fryers. Even the temperature range is also different. You can heat the oil in less than a minute. It is highly recommended for the ones who cook fried food in large quantities. It will not be as efficient to use it on a small scale. 

Turkey deep fryer

The deep turkey fryers are specially designed in order to cook a turkey. Cooking turkey in this fryer will be preferable than cooking in the oven or by any other means. This type of deep fryer usually runs on propane. You have to be careful while using it. You should always buy a deep turkey fryer of good quality since they are more prone to meet with any mishaps.

In order to cook food with a deep turkey fryer, you will require oil with a high smoking point. Oil such as sunflower oil is recommended to cook food with this type of deep fryer. Turkey deep fryers are not much costly as compared to electric deep fryers or deep propane fryers. They are the cheapest ones in the market. They are not as popular since they are specific to cooking a turkey.

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