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Secura 1700-Watt Stainless Review 2020

Usually, a Deep fryer can be a great addition to your home kitchen. It allows the user to prepare delicious food eliminating the hassle and the mess that creates using traditional methods. If you love deep fried food and want to serve your whole family, then a home deep fryer is necessary. For a large family Secura 1700-Watt Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer is an excellent choice. It works perfectly for fish, chips, chips since you can choose most suitable baskets for the food you cook. Secura 1700 Deep Fryer is a model that can produce high-quality food in a manner that is safe and convenient.

Secura 1700-Watt Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer

The Secura Deep Fryer with three baskets and extra large 4.2 l capacity oil tank is perfect for making delicious deep-fried foods for an entire family. You can use the large basket to make big batches of food or double baskets for two different foods at a time. All the three baskets have hooks for easy, mess-free draining and are also dishwasher safe thus favours easy cleanup. The Secura Electric Deep Fryer features adjustable temperature control up to 375 degrees F, Splatter protecting lid, safety cord, removable oil tank. It also consists of Magnetic breakaway safety cord, 60-minute timer, Oil ready light, stainless steel body.

The baskets fit securely and safely on the rim of the oil tank for easy food preparation, staging until you are ready to immerse in oil. Viewing window of  Secura Stainless Deep Fryer allows you to visualise the cooking process, whereas carbon activated filter present reduces the odours. It consists of 1700W of power, 120 V, 60 HZ along with ETL certification. A good home deep fryer with a variety of features.  For big batches of finger licking Fried chicken or Donuts, one Jumbo is available. Also, two side by side baskets is useful for smaller batches of Fish-N chips, Fries N-onion rings, or for frying foods with various cooking times.


  • Heat Control
  • Automatic Timer & Odor Reduction
  • Quick Heating & Easy Cleaning
  • Fry Multiple Foods

Adjustable heat control helps you identify the exact temperature for every food item. The temperature ranges in between 250-375 degrees F. The odour filter avoids burning and other smells from entering the kitchen. Viewing window helps you see the cooking process and make sure whether it is cooked properly. This heat control is ideal for getting the exact temperature of the food you are cooking.

The adjustable timer can be set up to 60 minutes. Whenever the time is up, it will automatically shut the heating element.  ALight will turn on to indicate the deep fryer is ready and alerts you to start the cooking process. It is suitable for those who need cooking of various food.

The Secura Deep Fryer doesn’t come with any oil filters but possesses a carbon filter which removes smell in the kitchen. When the lid is on all vapors, cross the carbon to filter the odors. Replacement of carbon filters is necessary for efficient working.

Having an immersion element which runs at 1700 watt you can heat up quickly as well as efficiently. The heating element keeps the heat trapped inside by recovering the oil quickly. Whenever you are ready to cook, you can turn it on and wait for a while before you start cooking. Food cooks in less time and allows you to spend more time eating.

4.2 Liter removable oil tank makes it easy to clean the deep fryer. You can place the oil tank in the dishwasher to ensure it is fully clean. You can reach every spot of the deep fryer even the difficult places. The baskets are also dishwasher safe, and you can simply remove the handles and place them for cleaning.

If you are fond of fishes, chips this is the right deep fryer for you. This electric deep fryer is capable of cooking two different foods at a time. Secura 1700-Watt Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer consists of three different baskets through which you can place food in each basket. Usually, the Jumbo basket cooks fries chicken exactly whereas the side by side baskets cooks smaller batches of food. For foods with different cooking times, you can prepare a perfect dish each time. You need not worry about crossing flavors and can mix onion rings and French fries.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
15.5 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight
11.65 Pounds
Material Type
Stainless Steel
Deep Fryer-Large
Oil Tank Capacity
4.2 Liter
1 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

Secura Deep Fryer Reviews

Make your choices simple by reading this and decide whether this meets up your need. In General, Secura Deep Fryers offers a wide range of benefits which makes frying easier to the consumer. It is an easy to use appliance that gives good results.  Cooking with this unit is simple as the heating element heats up quickly and maintains a stable temperature. 

You can use this Secura Triple Basket Deep Fryer to cook a variety of dishes. In fact, Secura 1700-Watt Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer Reviews are found highly positive among customers. The Review of Secura Electric Deep Fryer helps you decide by checking the cool features, Specs, and Highlights. This particular unit from Secura Deep Fryers is convenient to use and effective.

Secura Stainless Deep Fryer Features at a Glance

  • 1700 watt immersion heating element for quick heating.
  • 4.2-liter removable oil tank for easy cleaning.
  • Cool Touch handles.
  • Ready Indicator light.
  • Automatic Timer.
  • Adjustable heat control.
  • Viewing window on the lid.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Carbon Activated odour filter.
  • Three baskets including two regular and one jumbo.


  • Adjustable heat control
  • Fast Heating
  • Easy to assemble
  • Temperature Control


  • Usually, Secura Deep Fryers holds a large quantity of food
  • Temperature controlling is quite easy in this large deep fryer
  • It is easy to use as well as simple to clean
  • With Secura Triple Basket Deep Fryer the food is browned perfectly
  • The Light present indicates you when it’s time to cook
  • Secura 1700 Deep Fryer cooks food fast


  • Temperature sensor in this Large deep fryer is nearer to the heating element
  • Heavy in size and doesn’t fit well in the cabinets
  • The plug has a loose fitting, and the baskets are also flimsy
  • The lid of the Secura 1700-Watt Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer has sharp edges


The  Secura Triple Basket Deep Fryer is a low fat fryer capable of cooking a large amount of food fastly and easily. The 1700 watt heating element is good at recovering and preheating the oil temperature quickly. This machine allows you to cook different kinds of food at a time. If you are in search of a deep fryer that can feed your entire family, then Secura 1700-Watt Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer is a perfect choice. 

Apart from the few flaws that it can’t fit in a small kitchen space, baskets are flimsy this is a best deep fryer for home. It is one among the most versatile machines available in the market and is popular for preparing different dishes at a time. Preparing multiple courses of food is less time-consuming and easier with this deep fryer.  

A low-fat fryer that cooks large batches of food easily. Delivers superior performance, versatile to cook a variety of dishes. Reduces the amount of mess and improves the quality of food. Overall, Secura 1700-Watt Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer is the best choice for frying foods.

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