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Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi Cooker Steamer Review 2020

If you are in search of a Best cooker that is both versatile and affordable fryer Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi Cooker Steamer serves you well. It is a great deep fryer which cooks soups, stews and then steams. The task of deep frying is done with little hassle in Presto Multi Cooker when compared to the traditional style of deep frying in pans. However,  Presto 06003 is an appliance that has a lot to offer to any kitchen. User friendliness and the versatility Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi-Cooker/Steamer offers makes it unbeatable in the market. The multi cooker cooks food much easier with many cooking options.

Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi-Cooker/Steamer

The Presto 06003 is an All-purpose kettle for stews, roasting and marinating. The Presto 06003 is fully submersible on removing control master heat control. The body of the machine features heavy cast aluminium and a nonstick surface on the inside and outside.

Lift and drain basket of Presto 06003 Deep Fryer helps for steaming. The base is of cast aluminium with a non-stick surface in and out. Also, the Presto Multi Cooker 06003 comes with accessories like the gas cover and metal basket with a handle. It serves as pasta cooker, deep fryer, electric cooking pot and vegetable steamer.

This countertop appliance features a smart design that maximises your cooking skills, reduces the efforts of different types of cooking. Removable heat control exists in this electric Cooker/Steamer. The supply required for this Presto deep fryer is 120V, 60 HZ only.

Master heat control of Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi Cooker Steamer maintains the Accurate cooking temperature. The professional options Presto Multicooker is so versatile that you can use it every day. This electric cooker steams, roasts, boils, and cooks soups and casseroles. The lot more beneficial features in Presto 06003 Options Multi Cooker not only helps for ease of use but carries out a range of cooking jobs.


  • Tempered Glass Lid
  • High-Quality Cooking Basket
  • Design & Automatic Temperature Control
  • Other features

The glass lid is of unbreakable glass so that there is no fear of breaking even if you drop it by mistake. The lid was designed in such a way that you can have a clear look at the cooker and monitor the cooking process. Some deep fryers won’t come with a glass lid which makes it hard to see whether the food is cooked or not. It will be difficult to open the lid and see every time. So, this tempered glass lid is definitely an advantage.

The cooking basket comes with the cooker for deep frying, steaming and blanching. So, that you can easily steam, deep fry vegetables, pasta, and other such items. As you can see in the name that is, Multi-Cooker it really works as the all-purpose kettle for roasting, steaming and even for stews. You can snap the basket on the rim of the cooker for easy draining.

The body of the cooker is fabricated from durable and hard wearing cast aluminum. Both the interior and exterior feature nonstick coating for smooth and easy cooking.

The temperature ranges between 0°and 400° in this amazing cooker. The cooker temperature starts decreasing as soon as you remove the lid. However, the heat control adjusts maintains temperature automatically.

  • Non-stick: Both inside and outside of the cooker comes with a premium non-stick finish. You can enjoy the stick-free cooking and also the easy-cleaning.
  • To distribute the heat evenly in the unit, the Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi-Cooker is designed with a heavy cast aluminum base.
  • There is a Control Master heat control which can maintain the proper cooking temperature automatically.
  • Power: The multi-cooker/steamer consumes 1300 watts of power and requires 6 Quarts capacity.


Specification Name Value
Model Number
Product Dimensions
13.3 x 13 x 10 inches
Item weight
13 Pounds
Maximum Power
Steaming Functionality
Non-Stick Coating
Maximum Capacity
1.50 Gallons
Input Voltage
110V AC

Professional Presto Multi Cooker Review

This Review on Presto Multi Cooker Steamer helps you solve whether to choose this product. With so many options available in deep fryers you can choose the one that somehow makes your tasks effortless. In fact, Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi Cooker Steamer Reviews are found to be highly positive among customers. This multi-utility cooker from Presto has several inbuilt features that simplify your cooking job. Presto 06003 is top electric fryer that is worth the money you pay. It does many things which makes it immensely practical to use it any kitchen every day. Presto Options Multi Cooker works exceptionally when it comes to cooking different types of food. It is one of the most passionately recommended cooking appliances for those who want to create magic in their kitchens.

How to Use Presto Deep Fryer?

Place the multicooker on a dry, level and heat resistant surface, and the cover should not be on the multicooker. Insert the probe end of the heat control into multicooker so that two electrical pins are fully inserted into the heat control. Then attach magnetic cord assembly to the heat control by aligning magnetic coupler end to two electric pins on the back of heat control. Plug the multicooker into 120V AC electrical outlet only.

Using the index, determine the type of cooking method you will be following. Preheat the multicooker as indicated in the cooking method and follow the instructions.  During cooking, the pilot light will go on and off indicating the temperature is being maintained. After completion of cooking turn heat control to off. Remove the plug from the wall outlet and the magnetic coupler end from the heat control. Allow appliance to cool and detach heat control from multicooker before cleaning.

Quick View of Presto Options Multi Cooker Features

  • Presto Fryer Cooks everything from Stews, soups, fried foods and steamed vegetables.
  • 6 Quarts capacity.
  • 1300 Watts of Power.
  • Deep Fries up to 6 servings.
  • Durable cast aluminium body.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • Tempered Glass Lid.
  • Nonstick coating on interior and exterior.
  • Automatic Temperature control.
  • Presto Deep Fryer Comes with a cooking basket for steaming, deep frying and blanching.

Important Safe Guards for Presto Fryer

  • To Protect against electrical shocks or burns don’t immerse heat control in liquids or water.
  • Make sure that legs and handles are assembled and fastened before using the appliance.
  • Ensure that the Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi Cooker Steamer handle is properly attached to the basket and locked in place.
  • Don’t touch hot surfaces instead use handles or knobs.
  • Never let children put electrical cords or plugs put in their mouth.
  • Close supervision is necessary if any appliance is used by children.
  • Take extreme caution while moving the steamer with hot oil or liquid.
  • Always attach heat control and magic cord assembly to the appliance before plugging into the wall outlet.
  • Unplug and remove the heat control outlet when not in use and before cleaning.
  • Don’t operate the device with a damaged cord.
  • Make sure you use the device for intended use.
  • Never keep the device near a hot gas or a in an oven.


  • Removable heat control
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durability
  • Temperature Control
  • Versatility


  • All the components in Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi Cooker Steamer are dishwasher safe other than the heat control panel
  • The presto fryer performs all its frying, cooking and steaming remarkably
  • Compact design makes it hassle-free to store this cooker conveniently even in a small space kitchen
  • The Presto Multi Cooker is easy to use with a lot of cooking options
  • Nonstick coating on the inside and outside help for easy cleaning
  • The Package also includes Presto Options Multi Cooker Manual for instructions and guidelines


  • If metal utensils are used along with this pot, coating flakes off
  • Due to the presence of basket handle, you cannot completely seal the cooker with its lid
  • Pot gets hot due to the aluminium case body in this presto fryer
  • If you are not sure of the smoke point of what you are using it can be difficult to use this Presto product


How to cook rice in Presto 06003 Electric Multi Cooker Steamer?

Follow the steps below to cook rice in Presto 06003 Electric Multi Cooker Steamer-

  1. Pour 2 cups of rice into the multicooker. 
  2. Add 4 cups of water for long-grain white rice or brown rice, but use only 3 ½ cups of water for medium- or short-grain white rice. 
  3. Plug in the multicooker, cover and turn the thermostat dial to 250 degrees until the mixture vigorously boils.
How to use Presto 06003 Electric Multi Cooker Steamer as a slow cooker?

To use Presto 06003 Electric Multi Cooker Steamer as a slow cooker, you can use a kettle and need to set the temp yourself.

How to steam vegetables in Presto 06003 Electric Multi Cooker Steamer?

Follow the steps below to steam vegetables in Presto 06003 Electric Multi Cooker Steamer-

  1. Add fresh vegetables along with 4 cups of water.
  2. Steam in Presto 06003 Electric Multi Cooker Steamer.
  3. Turn the thermostat dial to 250 degrees.
Does this Presto 06003 Electric Multi Cooker come with basket handles?

Yes, the Presto 06003 Electric Multi Cooker comes with basket handles.

Is this Presto 06003 good for industrial use?

 Yes, Presto 06003 is good for industrial use.

Is there a dispenser for the removal of the oil in Presto 06003

Yes, there is a dispenser for the removal of the oil in Presto 06003.

Is there an on/off selection in Presto 06003 Electric Multi Cooker Steamer where I do not have to use the timer?

 Yes, there is on/off selection in Presto 06003 Electric Multi Cooker Steamer that prevents you from using the timer.

Bottom Line

To Summarize, for a product that does steaming, deep frying and much more  Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi Cooker Steamer is a great choice to buy. When you consider the versatility, ease of use and price Presto Multi Cooker gives a value that cannot be beaten. Buy Professional deep fryer from Presto which is ideal for home use. This machine not only makes cooking an easy task but at the same time enhances the cooking experience. Cooking is hassle free and fast with  Presto 06003 electric fryer. Neglecting the fact regarding the high smoke point, this is considered a best deep fryer that is worth the price. 

Easy to use, comes at an affordable price. A great deep fryer that serves you well providing a lot more cooking options. Countertop appliance that reduces efforts for different types of cooking. All-together, it is the perfect device with which you can make whatever you want like soups and casseroles, pasta, beef, pork, and poultry. You can even steam vegetables and rice.

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