Ovente FDM1091BR Mini Deep Fryer – Its compact & sleek design fits any kitchen!

Ovente FDM1091BR Review 2023

Having a deep fryer is very convenient if you are a person who likes to cook a lot, and frequently holds parties at home, and needs a fryer to ease the cooking. These fryers are quite large, and so it makes it an easy task to cook for several people’s portions at one go itself. But what about people who do not hold large parties, and still need a deep fryer to ease their life. The people who love to eat fry food, but need an appliance that is not too large. If you are one of them, then worry no more, as we have brought to you the Ovente FDM1091BR Family Size Deep Fryer, which is not very large, but will surely cook enough portion for you to serve your family. Now let’s check out the complete Ovente FDM1091BR Review, along with pros and cons in the following section.

Ovente Mini Deep Fryer FDM1091BR Details

The Ovente FDM1091BR Mini Deep Fryer has a complete non-stick coating that makes it more convenient to use. You do not have to worry about food sticking to the surface of the fryer, as it has a non-stick coating that makes it easier to also clean and wash. Finding a fryer that comes with accurate temperature control can be difficult, but that is not the case here in the Ovente FDM1091BR Compact Deep Fryer, as it provides absolute control on the temperature, so no risk of burning food. The temperature ranges from 176°f to 374°f.

In the Review of the Ovente Personal Deep Fryer, we are going to cover how easy it is to use, the quality of its materials, the cooking time, controls, and so much more. But before we dive into the advantages of using this deep fryer, I would like to give you a taste of what you are getting into while buying this Ovente Non-Stick Mini Deep Fryer. With 840 Watts of power utilization, this Ovente Mini Deep Fryer can heat the oil very fast. It has a full capacity of 30 oz. or you can say 0.9 in Liters. All it needs is just a few seconds to heat the oil quickly, and making it ready for you to fry fish, chicken, ribs, and so much more. With this Ovente FDM1091BR Family Size Deep Fryer, you do not have to worry about any burns due to oil splatter, as it comes with a basket and a closed lid for you to cover the basket, while it is frying and oil is splattering everywhere. If you are still unaware of its features, pros and cons, then you must go through Ovente FDM1091BR Review. The lid is made of glass, so you can even view the meal being prepared inside.


  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Ease to use
  • Fast heating
  • Safety
  • Versatile
  • Removable basket
  • Non-stick interior
  • Size
  • Warranty

1. Adjustable temperature settings

While cooking on the stove or cooker, you do not have any facility for adjusting the temperature. You have to deal with the temperature provided by the stove and cook your food accordingly. In this case, your food might get overcooked or undercooked at times. But with the Ovente FDM1091BR Mini Deep Fryer, that is not the case. This fryer has its temperature regulating system. The knob on the front side of this Best Ovente Deep Fryer will allow you to adjust the temperature. As its temperature can be varied from 178 F to 374 F.

2. Ease to use

Using a deep fryer can be tricky, especially if you are new to the cooking realm. You might get confused about how to use it since there will be many settings about which you do not have prior knowledge. In such cases, the Ovente Mini Deep Fryer comes to your aid. This Best Ovente Deep Fryer comes with a well-defined user manual, which will help you in all kinds of difficulties. Just go through the manual, and you will start using the fryer confidently. Even the setting buttons which are provided over the top of the fryer are well labeled. Just by giving a glance at the Ovente Stainless Steel Deep Fryer, you will be able to gather lots of information all by yourself. It also has an LED light which indicates whether the fryer is on or off. With the help of this indicator LED, you can avoid accidents involving electricity.

3. Fast heating

The deep fryer uses lots of oil, and to heat the oil; it takes a lot of time. You have to start the fryer long before you want to use it. It is next to impossible if you want to cook the food instantly on the traditional deep fryer. But with the help of Ovente Mini Deep Fryer Fdm1091br, you can heat the oil within a few minutes. You can use it quicker than other deep fryers available in the market. An electrical source is used to provide power to this fryer. It uses 840 W of power to heat the oil at a faster rate. 

4. Safety

Cooking food with oil has always been the riskiest job done in the kitchen. You have to be very cautious about the oil, especially when you are dealing with a large amount. Oil burning can be very harmful to your skin. These burns will give you permanent and deep marks over the part of the body which comes in contact with the boiling oil. Even if the oil gets overheated, it might catch fire. You have to be extra cautious if you are opting for a traditional deep fryer. Fortunately, the Ovente FDM1091BR Family Size Deep Fryer is one of the safest deep fryers available in the market. It has different features like a cool handle, basket, and many more, which helps you in staying safe from such accidents.

5. Versatile

Most of the deep fryers are food-specific due to not having a variable temperature. Different types of food items require different amounts of heating. So it is quite difficult to cook different types of food on a single deep fryer. But since the temperature range of the Ovente FDM1091BR Compact Deep Fryer is quite high, it can be used to cook several types of food items. You can cook French fries, potatoes and many more. Cooking becomes so easy and affordable with the Ovente Stainless Steel Deep Fryer since you do not have to opt for different types of devices to cook different types of eatables.

6. Removable basket

The problem with cooking food in the deep fryer is that you have to take a risk if you are using similar spoons, which you use for other cooking tools. But while deep frying, the oil can be spilled over your skin if you are very close to the surface of the oil. But the Ovente FDM1091BR Mini Deep Fryer comes with a removable basket. With the help of this basket, you can take out the deep-fried food from the fryer without any problem or harm. The basket covers lots of space in the fryer to cover up all the food items in the fryer. The basket can be removed at your convenience. You can take it off when you want to dip food inside the fryer and close it with the lid again to keep it dipped in the oil. It will cook your food evenly from all sides.

7. Non-stick interior

Cooking food which requires deep frying can give a hard time to your utensils in which you cook the food. If the surface of your fryer is not coated with any nonstick layer, the residue might get stuck over it. The Ovente Mini Deep Fryer FDM1091BR comes with a non-stick interior layer. With the help of this feature, you can clean your fryer in no time. Food will not remain stuck to the base. Even with a little scrub and soapy water, you can easily keep your deep fryer clean and tidy.

8. Size

Ideally, the size of any deep fryer is expected to be compact. While looking through this Ovente FDM1091BR Review, you may already notice its compact design. The Ovente FDM1091BR Compact Deep Fryer is just 1.68 pounds. You can lift it and take it away anywhere you want. It is ideal for a picnic, which makes it portable. It does not require lots of space to store. You can easily pack it up for your outing and enjoy cooking meals as per your convenience.

9. Warranty

The warranty period is an important factor which you should always check when you are buying any product. Most of the electronics do not have a warranty period. The deep fryer without the warranty period is not reliable. The Ovente FDM1091BR Compact Deep Fryer comes with the warranty period of one year. In this duration of time, you can exchange if it gets damaged due to some reasons.



  • Manufacturer : Ovente
  • Model : FDM1091BR
  • Product Dimension : 7.2 x 8.1 x 9.1 inches
  • Product Weight : 1.68 pounds
  • Color : Nickel Brushed
  • Capacity : 0.9 L
  • Wattage : 840 watts
  • Temperature Range : 176°f to 374°f
  • Warranty : 1 year



Follow the steps below to clean a Ovente FDM1091BR 0.9L Compact Deep Fryer-

1. Clean the outside of the fryer and the lid with a damp cloth.
2. Never use abrasive pads or alcohol.
3. Detach the handle from the basket.
4. Wash the basket with hot water or washing-up liquid.


The LED lights are an indication of the working of the Ovente FDM1091BR 0.9L Compact Deep Fryer.


A designated engineer should only be allowed to disassemble an Ovente FDM1091BR 0.9L Compact Deep Fryer.


Yes, you can cook slices of meat inside the Ovente Mini Deep Fryer.


At most 3 chicken wings can be cooked in the Ovente FDM1091BR Deep Fryer at one time.


The depth of the basket in the Ovente FDM1091BR Compact Deep Fryer is 5 inches.


The Ovente FDM1091BR Deep Fryer can hold 24 oz. of oil in it.


The Ovente FDM1091BR Family Size Deep Fryer is perfect for people with a small family, and not too large kitchen. It’s so compact and portable that it can comfortably sit on the countertop of a small kitchen and cook food without causing any clutter. The Ovente FDM1091BR Compact Deep Fryer Comes with a removable basket. After you are done cooking, remove the basket and wash it clean. It also comes with a lid that has a glass top so that you can keep it shut when the food is frying and oil is splattering. Thus, making it very safe and one of the Best Personal Size Deep Fryer. For bachelors, that do not have much time to invest in cooking, and need a quick meal set up, then the Ovente FDM1091BR Mini Deep Fryer will be the right product for them. When you are done setting the temperature in the Ovente Mini Deep Fryer Fdm1091br, an LED light will come on. This light will stay on until the fryer reaches the optimum temperature, which will tell you when it is ready for the food to be fried in. Isn’t that easy and convenient? The only downside to this fantastic appliance is that the capacity for the food is very low. It is meant to be used only for personal use or for small families. So here we are concluding the Ovente FDM1091BR Review, hope you find it helpful to choose the perfect one.


The Ovente Stainless Steel Deep Fryer is a very small and compact deep fryer for people with a small family. It can heat up very quickly, and can also start cooking very fast. The electricity consumed by the Ovente Mini Deep Fryer FDM1091BR is also very less. So, after buying it, you do not have to worry about the electricity bills piling up. The temperature is accurate, and the interface is also very easy to use. Thus, making it worth the price.


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