Oster CKSTDF102-SS Compact Stainless Deep Fryer – Cooks variety of foods perfectly!

Oster CKSTDF102-SS Reviews 2023

Who doesn’t like to indulge in yummy and tasty fried foods every now and then? The answer is nobody most probably. Be it a plate of deep-fried calamari or spicy and juicy deep-fried chicken legs, the attraction towards fried foods are very difficult to ignore. And dining out every now and then eventually costs a lot of money as well. And moreover, eating from these noisy and crowded corner shops is not that happening and indulging always. So, what if one can make all those spicy and yummy fried dishes at home. Yes, stovetops deep fryer were there in the market for all these years, but frying and cooking food on them a more of a hassle on its own. So, to reduce all the hassle and enables the food lovers to indulge in deep-fried food on the comfort of their home, a new kitchen appliance has been brought to the market and i.e. electric deep fryers. Which was first started as a commercial experience. the reliability and efficiency of this appliance make it a regular household name in just a few years.


  • Fast heating up and even coking
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Pretty decent capacity
  • Durable steel housing
  • Non-stick oil bin
  • Mesh frying basket comes with ergonomic grip
  • in-built lid for convenient
  • filters are included to reduce oil splatter
  • the indicator light for added convenience

1. Fast heating up with even cooking

the primary difference between an electric deep fryer and those old school manual Dutch oven one, is that in the former, the average oil heating times are way shorter than those conventional ones. The scenario is no different at all with this Oster CKSTDF102-SS style compact stainless deep fryer. Comprises of a 900-watt heating unit, these particular electric deep fryers get heated up pretty fast. And moreover, as the oil temperature is pretty even can maintain the optimum level for the longest of time, that leads to an evenly fried food with a brown crunchy exterior and soft and juicier interior.

2. Adjustable temperature control

like any other great quality electric deep fryer, this particular Oster one is also comprised of variable temperature settings, which enables the user to select the right temperature to cook specific types of food. Though 375F is considered as the right temperature to perfectly deep-fried food, especially meats, there are some specific food items, like cheese sticks, or onions or fish, which required a comparatively lower temperature to cook completely. So, for these types of food specifically, this particular Oster deep fryer is comprising of an additional 300 degree and 340-degree temperature setting mark as well for more precise usage.

3. Pretty decent capacity

though it looks pretty small and compact overall, this particular Oster deep fryer is not that small after all. With the capacity of containing 1.5 liters of oil, this particular Oster professional style deep fryer can cook up to 6 cups of food at a time. Though the size and the capacity are not appropriate for commercial or professional usage, for indulging personal cravings and small house parties, the size is pretty on point.

4. Durable steel housing

along with a great performance and efficient functionalities, the materials being used in the manufacturing process of that particular appliance is also a crucial consideration. All the removable components like the oil bin and frying basket in a deep fryer are places inside a housing basket, which not only keeps the internal components safe and secure but also reduces the chance of getting sudden burns etc. In the case of this particular Oster 1.5 liter deep fryer is housed inside a strong and sturdy stainless-steel container, which is heat and rust-resistant, hence can last for a pretty long. Moreover the stainless steel housing is also the home for the controlling button and indicators as well.

5. Non-stick oil bin

inside the stainless-steel external housing, there is also a strong and sturdy oil bin is present, which is also made with such great quality materials, that it is extremely safe to use with hot oils. This particular non-stick oil bin in the Oster electric fryer is manufactured with neutral material, hence does not react with any types of oils or food components. Also, the cleaning afterward becomes so much easier, as nothing sticks to the interior of this particular oil-bin as well.

6. Mesh frying basket comes with ergonomic handle

along with a non-stick die-cast bowl, this particular Oster 1.5 liter deep fryer is also comprised of a mesh frying basket, which is also manufactured with best quality stainless-steel, which basically enables the user to fry different food more easily and without any hassle. Also, the frying basket is comprised of an ergonomically designed handle, which makes it even more convenient for the user to use the particular mesh basket whatsoever. The handle is meant for an easy draining out of oil from the cooked food each and every time.

7. In-built lid for convenience

as electric deep fryers handle a lot of oil in high temperature, splatting of oil while cooking is a pretty common scenario. So, to reduce such accidents and moreover to reduce accidental heat burns, most of the electric deep fryers come with conveniently attached lids on them. This particular Oster deep fryer model, we are discussing in this article is no different at all. Also, the hinged lid is comprised of a window on top, it makes it more convenient for the user to keep an eye on what is cooking inside.

8. In-built filters to increase safety

along with a convenient viewing window, the hinged lid is also comprised of some integrated filters which are meant to decrease the occurrence of oil splattering even more. The filters are basically added to the appliance, to increase the safety of the user while using the machine and also increases the longevity of the appliance itself.

9. Indicators are also included for more convenience

along with adjustable temperature control and strong and sturdy built, this particular Oster CKSTDF102-SS compact stainless deep fryer, is also equipped with an indicator light on the front lower panel of the appliance, which indicated the user when the appliance is being connected with power and is being used.



  • Manufacturer : Oster
  • Model : CKSTDF102-SS
  • Product Dimension : 12.8 X 8.2 X 8.5 Inches
  • Watts : 900 watts
  • Oil Capacity : 1.5 Litre
  • Food Frying Capacity : 6 cups
  • Maximum Temperature : 375 Degree F

All About Oster 1.5 Litre Compact Deep Fryer

Why opt for electric deep fryers over the age-old traditional stovetop ones?

  • These types of deep fryers are equipped with specialized temperature control, so the user does not have to worry about maintaining the optimal temperature while cooking.
  • These are extremely safe to use.
  • These are convenient with lots of different features like oil filter, indicator light, automatic shut-off and many more.
  • These types of deep fryers are easy and user-friendly as well.

There are literally thousands of different types of deep fryers are available in the market, but in them, only a few stand out of the crowd. The particular deep fryer model we are going to discuss in this particular article is carefully designed and developed by such an A-level kitchen appliance manufacturer. In the world of Hamilton Beach or Ninja and Cuisinart, Oster is known for manufacturing equally great deep fryers but in an extremely affordable range, And the Oster CKSTDF102-SS is no difference at all.



Plug in the main switch to turn on an Oster CKSTDF102-SS Style Compact Deep Fryer.


The heating element of an Oster CKSTDF102-SS Style Compact Deep Fryer can be cleaned with a mildly damp cloth soaked in soft detergent water.


An Oster CKSTDF102-SS Style Compact Deep Fryer costs around $44.99.


The led light indicates when it is ready to use Oster CKSTDF102-SS Style Compact Deep Fryer.


Use the button labelled reset on the control panel to reset an Oster CKSTDF102-SS Style Compact Deep Fryer.


Drain out the oil after it cools down in order to empty the Oster CKSTDF102-SS Style Compact Deep Fryer.


So, if you are looking for small size and compact electric deep fryer, to indulge in the goodness of deep-fried foods in the comfort of your own house, then your quest for the perfect appliance will definitely be ended with this particular Oster CKSTDF102-SS style compact stainless deep fryer. This particular appliance is compact, small in size but extremely handy and definitely a powerful one. Though the capacity is only restricted to personal usage, for small house parties, it can cook some yummy food in few batches only. Moreover, the price range of this particular appliance is what attracts the users most. Unlike most of the appliances, it has his own down points as well and not having a warranty is definitely one of the primes among them. But otherwise, the great efficiency and the functionality of this appliance, it definitely deserves a shot at least.

Oster CKSTDF102-SS Style Compact Stainless Steel Deep Fryer image

The Oster CKSTDF102-SS style stainless deep fryer is a small and compact electric deep fryer, which the capacity of containing liters of oil and can cook 6 cups of food at a time. with a strong and sturdy built, this particular deep fryer is also comprising of a hinged lid, along with some advanced filters, which basically decreases the chances of accidental heat burn by preventing oil splattering.


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