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Best Way To Clean A Deep Fryer – Deep Fryer Cleaning Guide

Who doesn’t love crispy, juicy chicken wings, wholesome French fries, and crispy tempura? Cooking in a deep fryer involves the usage of a lot of oil, isn’t it? And it takes the deep fryer very greasy, oily, and sticky. Cleaning such deep fryers is a mountain of a task. The worst part of the process of cooking is cleaning isn’t. No matter how badly you want to eat some fried foods again, you will first have to go through the tiring task of cleaning the fryer from previous use.

How To Clean A Deep Fryer image
Simple tips to clean Deep Fryer image

Oil is very difficult to clean as it just doesn’t want to get removed. But worry not because Cleaning Deep Fryer can also be made easy with the following advice on How To Clean A Deep Fryer.with simple tricks and tips.

How To Clean A Deep Fryer?

Detergent, scouring sponge, a vessel to contain the oil, kitchen paper, pan scraper, soft brush.

  1. Make sure to first unplug the deep fryer and wait for the oil to get completely cool down`. Wrap a paper towel around the power cables to prevent any spilling.
  2. Now empty the deep fryer of its used oil. Pour the oil from the deep fryer into a sealable vessel. In case you desire to use the oil again, then it is advisable that before you use it.
  3. Take the basket out of the deep fryer and keep ready at handsome, really hot water. Protect yourself from the hot water as much as you can.
  4. The hot water is essential for the oil to detach from the basket. Also, grab the detergent, which will clean the basket. It will remove the debris and, after that, pour hot water on the basket to rinse it. Repeat these steps until you feel that all the stickiness from the basket is removed, and after you are fully satisfied, pat the basket dry and store it.
  5. Use paper towels to blot all the remaining oil in the deep fryer. The paper towels have to be of the kind that is super absorbent. For this, use the pan scrapers. You can also use spatulas, just anything soft, so that you won’t leave any scratches but can also successfully get rid of any debris in the fryer.
  6. Once you have gotten rid of all the debris, it is easier for you to clean the fryer. Take a bowl and fill it with warm water. Add some detergent or dishwashing soap into it to make a soapy solution and dip your sponge in it.
  7. Take a generous amount of this solution in the sponge and pour it on the fryer. Then, using the same sponge, scrub the fryer in a circular motion for some time. Then, fill the fryer with some hot water and leave it for about 30 minutes or so to loosen the grime.
  8. While the fryer is soaking in hot water, get to cleaning the filter of the fryer. If the filters of your deep fryer are removable, then that is a great thing as you can just remove them from the unit and soak them in a hot soap solution for some time. 
  9. Most of the work is done now, and all that is left is to rinse the fryer with clean water. Let the fryer dry naturally, and you can meanwhile clean the exterior of the deep fryer using a wet wipe or some paper towels.

Deep Fryer Cleaning Tips

These were the steps to cleaning your deep fryer but here are some essential Deep Fryer Cleaning Tips that you must follow and keep in mind while cleaning the deep fryer-

  1. To lessen your workload when cleaning your deep fryer, try to clean as many spills and splashes as soon as they occur as they are easier to get out of the way than old splashes. Use a thick and absorbent paper towel for this.
  2. Always get to cleaning the fryer once you have unplugged it, and you are sure that the oil has cooled down completely.


Cleaning deep fryers is not easy, but you can lessen your workload by cleaning small splashes immediately and changing your oil frequently. It is hygienic and also lets you clean the deep fryer more frequently. While the cleaning is essentially easy, you should be very safe while dealing with the hot oil, hot water and unplug it before cleaning it.

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