The Top 10 Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers Reviewed in 2019

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers are popular for the kind of versatility they offer. Some fryers from this brand can even accommodate a whole turkey or chicken. You can get crispy and mouthwatering foods without any mess around while cooking. Moreover, Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer constitute adjustable thermostat and convenient timer to increase the comfort level for users. These deep fryers for the home are easy to maintain, clean and most of the models include dishwasher-safe non-stick pot.  Storing these deep fryers is pretty much easy as a majority of them come with a breakaway cord feature.

Best Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 2019

This Review Covers all the top Hamilton Deep Fryer products. It is difficult to choose one particular model from the market as there are many. To simplify your search related to best deep fryer we have provided the Top Fryers by Hamilton in our lineup. A detailed description of each product is given and go with the right choice that meets up your requirements. Hopefully, you will come to a solution after reading this Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Review 2019. Compare the Features, Highlights, Specs of Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers and choose the relevant model. Majority of the reviews are found highly positive from customers. Overall, this Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer is a product worth the price you pay.

Top 10 Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers for sale on Amazon


Hamilton Beach 2-Liter Professional Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach 2 Liter Deep Fryer is a versatile machine which comes in a compact size. The immersion heating element present in Hamilton Beach 2-Liter Deep Fryer, Stainless Steel gives even oil heating. This best kitchen appliance is ideal for quick and easy deep frying holds up to 8 cups of oil. Hamilton Beach Cool Touch 2L prepares perfect crispy food right from chicken wings to potato fries. A cooking timer with auto shut off feature is available in this making it convenient to use for a customer.  It comes with a cool touch body so that you will not burn yourself if touched accidentally. However, Hamilton Beach 2liter Deep Fryer comes with a  powerful 1500 Watts motor and includes a breakaway cord for easy storage and safety. It is an easy meal solution for an ideal family with the included accessories in it.

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August 23, 2019 9:25 pm
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  • Hamilton Beach 2-Liter Professional Deep Fryer Red is an easy meal solution for an entire family.
  • Allows you to prepare crispy and mouth-watering foods without any mess.
  • The  Hamilton Beach 2liter Deep Fryer ensures splatter-free frying.
  • In General, Hamilton Beach 2-Liter Professional Deep Fryer is a generously sized machine with great versatility.
  • Basket hook present gives easy draining in this electric deep fryer.


  • Lid seems flimsy at times in case of this Hamilton Beach Professional Deep Fryer.
  • Pouring oil out can be messy at times with this  Deep Fryer Hamilton Beach.


HB 12 Cup Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Oil Capacity Deep Fryer is an affordable, compact appliance for those who use their fryer occasionally. However, this is a small unit which is easy to pick up and place around. Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 12 Cup features a digital timer and adjustable temperature gauge. Temperature control of this machine eliminates the hassle of struggling for maintaining temperature. The control pad is usually located on the back side of the Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Deep Fryer Stainless Steel unit. Thus it is difficult as you have to reach over hot bubbling oil in order to adjust. Since the cooking is done by direct immersion in oil heating the food is quite fast. On a Whole, a versatile machine which prepares a variety of dishes all at once. This Top Electric Deep Fryer is definitely worth the money you pay.

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  • Temperature control and digital timer allow you to preset oil temperature required.
  • Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Deep Fryer doesn’t occupy much space.
  • A compact unit from Hamilton which is easy to move around.
  • Cooking is done quite fast when compared to other premium models.


  • Control pad location is little awkward in case of this Hamilton Deep Fryer.
  • Cleaning this Hamilton kitchen appliance is not so easy.


Hamilton Beach 35200 Oil Deep Fryer, 8 Cup

Prepare healthy and tasty food using Hamilton Beach 35200 Oil Deep Fryer 8-Cup. Basically, the important factor to make healthier fried food lies in the temperature of the oil. However, Hamilton 8 Cup Oil Capacity Deep Fryer consists of an immersed heating element gives even oil heating along with a 30-minute timer which will shut off automatically. Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35200 Reviews say it is a great product to buy with all the features it provides. Moreover, Hamilton 8 Cup Oil Capacity Deep Fryer prepares perfect crispy food starting from potato fries to chicken wings. Dishwasher safe non-stick pot makes it simple to clean. It comes with a double filter system and a cool touch body so that you don’t burn yourself if touched accidentally.

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August 23, 2019 9:25 pm
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  • Great Deep fryer for cooking up to 2-3 People.
  • Hamilton Beach Fryer 35200 heats up fast when compared to its contenders.
  • The Best Deep Fryer comes with a Breakaway cord for safe and easy storage.
  • A quality appliance from Hamilton that allows you to customize the heat setting.
  • Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer comes with a timer and shuts off automatically.


  • Cleaning is a bit painful as the black heating part gets oil on it.
  • This Kitchen Appliance Prepares only small batches of food.


Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35021 is a great appliance that users will love. It comes with a range of features that make this product user-friendly. The lid present helps you avoid the mess of frying whereas the viewing window helps to monitor the cooking process. Magnetic Cord, cool touch feature enhances the safety level and prevents burns. The basket, heating element lid, and all other parts come easily thus you can clean up easily. 35021 Hamilton Beach has a decent capacity level for cooking large portions. This appliance is well designed and requires less maintenance when compared to other machines. The Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer With Cool Touch works well and is of good value. There will not be any oil splattering all over with this deep fryer.

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  • Viewing window helps to monitor the ongoing cooking process without opening the lid.
  • The Hamilton Beach 35021 Electric Deep Fryer is extremely easy to clean.
  • Being a compact machine this deep fryer fits on any kitchen countertop.
  • This Best Deep Fryer comes with a number of safety features like cool touch handles etc.
  • Closed lid prevents oil splattering and avoids burn, mess.


  • This Hamilton Beach Fryer model lacks a timer.
  • It does not have enough space for you to hold up the basket and let the oil drain.


Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35034

Hamilton Beach 4.5 Litre Deep Fryer is one of the largest deep fryers available currently in the market. The large capacity of it makes it suitable to use for a professional purpose. The Home Version Hamilton 35034 features an immersion heating element which makes oil heating fast before and during usage. 12-cup capacity allows you to prepare food for a large batch without making multiple times. The Hamilton Beach 4.5 Litre Deep Fryer contains a double basket from which you can cook different foods at a time. Temperature control and the timers that come along with the Deep Fryer increases the convenience level to the user. One best thing about the Hamilton Beach 35034 is the simplicity it provides to use and clean. With this best deep home fryer, you can prepare a fabulous meal without facing any trouble.

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  • Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35034 comes with 3 frying baskets so that you can prepare different foods at a time.
  • Magnetic Power Cord increases the safety of the fryer while cooking.
  • Grease Splatter is kept to the lowest level using the lid of Hamilton Beach Fryer.
  • Timer shuts off automatically when the set time is right.


  • Hamilton 35034 is a large appliance thus it is difficult to store in small kitchens.
  • The large size of Hamilton Beach Fryer requires more oil to reach the frying level.
  • Since the lid is not attached to the fryer you need a separate place to the keep the lid.
  • The Hamilton Beach 35034 Fryer lacks a filter.


Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35033

Usually, Hamilton Beach 35033 is another great model from Hamilton. However, this model has 12 cups oil capacity which is more than enough to cook for your entire family. One more nice feature of this appliance is it allows you to set the desired temperature. High-Quality Deep Fryer which is having a wide range of features making it simple to use as well as clean. Using the immersed heating element you can cook pretty fast with this Hamilton Beach 3L Professional Deep Fryer.  Overall, it is a great model in the economic point of view to a customer. It is affordable and will not compromise on the quality of food. The breakaway cord featured on the Hamilton Beach 3L Deep Fryer makes storage of the device easy. Altogether this is an ideal model for those who value their money.

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  • Digital Timer makes it easy to see how long the fryer has been in operation.
  • Two side handles help for easy relocating as and when required.
  • Built-in Automatic Shut Off activates after completion of cooking cycle for better control.
  • Fully immersed heating element provides fast and efficient cooking action.
  •  Fryer basket of 35033 Hamilton Beach is dishwasher safe thus it is  simple to clean.


  • The temperature of the model is not the actual temperature of the oil.
  • It is a large capacity deep fryer which doesn’t make sense to store for those living in a small apartment.
  • Fryer continuously releases water on sides during operation, thus needs frequent cleaning after each use.


Hamilton Beach 35325

Prepare crispy food perfect for a crowd using this Hamilton Beach 8 Cup Deep Fryer. It includes a professional style design in its construction. Hamilton Beach 35325 can make 5 servings of onion rings or french fries. The kitchen appliance is easy to assemble, delivers fast cooking results with immersion heating element. Oil preheat ready light present indicates the oil is ready or not. Basket hook helps for hanging the basket to the fryer so that excess oil will drain off. Breakaway cord removes or comes off easily in this Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35325 so that hot oil will not spill over.  You can adjust the temperature based on the food you are frying. On a whole, this is a top electric deep fryer which is worth the money you pay.

hamilton beach 35325-image

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  • See-thru window helps to monitor the cooking process.
  • Hamilton 8 Cup Oil Capacity Deep Fryer is easy to assemble, use and clean.
  • Basket hook helps for draining oil easily in case of this Electric Deep Fryer.
  • Hamilton 8 Cup Deep Fryer ensures fast cooking with the immersed heating element.
  •  Oil preheat ready light increases the comfort level to the user.


  • Timer is missing in this Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer.
  • Large Capacity Fryer which requires little space on the kitchen countertop.


Hamilton Beach Professional Deep Fryer 35034

If you are planning to cook food for an entire family you will appreciate this large capacity Hamilton Beach 35034 Professional-Style Deep Fryer. Using this Deep fryer you can prepare two different food at a time. Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 12 Cup 35034 makes food easily, quickly by maintaining accurate temperature based on the food you are frying. It allows you to set the timer for the amount of time you want the food to be cooked, alerts you when the food is prepared. This Deep fryer is easy to assemble, clean. The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35034 Basket comes with a lid which prevents oil splattering here and there. Breakaway cord present prevents tip over if it happens to hit or tripped over.

hamilton beach 35034 professional-style deep fryer, silver-image

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  • Two Baskets allow you to cook two different foods at a time.
  • Hamilton Beach 35034 Professional-Style Deep Fryer, Silver provides extra large capacity for families.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control gives you full control over how you cook food.
  • The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 12 Cup 35034 comes with a timer, Audible tone to indicate when food is done.
  • Breakaway Cord increases the safety level, prevents oil splattering.


  • Heavy Size of this Hamilton Beach Fryer makes it difficult to store anywhere.
  • The lid is not attached to the Fryer body.
  • This electric deep fryer for home uses a lot of oil.
  • The heating element can’t be washed in this Hamilton Deep Fryer.


Hamilton Professional Style Deep fryer 35042

Enjoy fried food and fry exactly what you want and take cooking to next level using Hamilton 35042 Fryer. It comes with a large fryer basket and having a food capacity of 21 cups. You can make 13 servings of fries or 12 servings of chicken tenders with this deep fryer. Power light, ready light, timer with audible tone makes this home deep fryer simple to use. Heating up oil quickly is possible via immersion heating element of Hamilton 35042 Deep Fryer. Adjustable temperature helps you fry food the way you want. Easy Pour oil spout on the removable oil pot helps you to empty the fryer without creating any mess.  Most of the parts are dishwasher safe thus simple to clean. Altogether, this is a best electric deep fryer which will not disappoint you.

hamilton beach deep fryer 35042-image

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  • Easy Pour Oil Spout of this appliance helps you drain oil away.
  • Hamilton Beach Fryer 35042 is easy to assemble, use and clean.
  • It prevents oil splattering with the lid on the top.
  • Adjustable temperature with ready light indicates you when the oil is ready to deliver optimal cooking results.
  • Prepare crispy food for a large crowd using this Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer.


  • The Hamilton Beach 35042 Professional-Style Deep Fryer is bulky and occupies more space.
  • Comes with a single basket so that you can’t prepare two different foods at a time.


Hamilton Beach 8 Cup Deep Fryer 35201

Fried Food tastes extra good using this Hamilton Beach 35201 Deep fryer. You can cook around 5 servings of french fries or onion rings, 15 chicken tenders with 8 cup oil capacity. Due to the fryers fast cooking you can make a large number of fried goodies. Adjustable Temperature of Hamilton Beach 35201 Fast Cooking Fryer gives perfection in fried food. Viewing window helps you to visualize the cooking process so that you can observe fried goodness.  With the basket hook present, you can hang the fryer so that excess oil drains off easily. The stainless steel stylish design of this Hamilton Fryer gives a decent look to your kitchen counter.  Power light, ready light and all other features make this appliance easy to use. In short, this is a top electric Deep fryer for home.

hamilton beach 35201-image

Last update was on: August 23, 2019 9:25 pm

  • The Electric Deep Fryer Delivers fast cooking with the immersed heating element.
  • Adjustable timer with audio tone increases the level of convenience to the user.
  • Easy to use and stylish design fits well with any kitchen.
  • Hamilton Fryer 35201 is easy to operate as well as clean.
  • The Adjustable Temperature  feature gives perfection in fried food.


  • Oil frying capacity area is medium so that it takes time to feed more number of people.
  • Heavier Kitchen appliance when compared to other premium model deep fryers.

Things to consider while buying a Best Deep Fryer

Right Capacity

Capacity is the major constraint that should be checked before buying a deep fryer. If you don’t buy large enough fryer, it will take much time to prepare food in multiple batches. Decide your requirement firstly before you buy a product. For suppose if you want to fry a large bird or poultry you need enough capacity that fits the turkey. Likewise, for other frying needs choose the right product that serves well.

High Power

Electric Deep fryers containing high power rating is a fetching point because the oil heats up quickly. The desired temperature for frying food is obtained as well as oil gets back to normal temperature even after the addition of food in no time. Power rating is an important factor that needs to be considered in a deep fryer. Thus, the food is crispy outside and juicy inside without consuming more oil.

Adjustable Thermostat

Ideal temperature majority of the deep fryers maintain 375 Degrees Fahrenheit. Having an adjustable temperature control, you can increase the versatility of device, cook more varieties of food.

Frying Basket Hooks for Draining Foods:

In general, home deep fryers that deal with oil have hooks provided to the frying basket. These hooks allow you to lift the oil and hang to the basket, so that excess oil drains out.

Non-Stick Interior

The hassle of cleaning can be avoided with the non-stick surface, and cleaning is made pretty much easier. Also, choose stainless steel baskets so that you need not face the problem of rusting, pitting. Some of the Dep fryers parts are dishwasher safe, and the rest needs hand wash.

Detachable Power Cord

As the Deep Fryers deal with hot oil, it is necessary to take certain precautions. Reduce the risk of oil splattering or spilling by using equipment that gives more safety. Usually, detachable cords come from the unit if they are accidentally pulled or snagged so that hot oil filled fryer doesn’t tip over.

Why Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers?

There are several brands among deep fryer models to choose. But, the answer why you should go with Hamilton Deep Fryer is here. These  Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers appeal a large number of users, works well. Hamilton Electric Fryers are simple to use, usually comes with a decent capacity. Thus, you can cook large batches of food with the best home deep fryers. If you are in search of a best deep fryer, then you should consider Hamilton Deep Fryer.

The Electric Deep Fryers from Hamilton are good enough, fits almost any kitchen. These Fryers comes with all the safety features users need. When it comes to home deep frying Hamilton Fryers beat out all other competing models. The Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer maintains a stable temperature during the cooking process. The Hamilton Kitchen appliances are well made and require less maintenance and are of good value.

There are several deep fryers available in the market to choose which is a tedious task. For your convenience, we have reviewed Top  Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers and described each one. Decide the Best Deep Fryer by comparing each model regarding functionality, ease of use and features they provide. Analyzing all the factors while buying a deep fryer is a daunting process which most of you may not like. So, go through our expert reviews and choose the right one that best fulfils your requirement.

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