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Air Fryers have gained huge popularity over the past few years. More and more people are using these fryers to prepare delicious and healthy meals. Usually, Air fryers can reduce the fat content of foods upto 8% that are typically cooked in hot oil. In addition, you need not compromise on the taste and flavour of food. Since it has the same taste and texture that a deep fryer provides. One such model which can serve plenty of needs is Gowise USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer. You can prepare fries, potato wedges, cheese sticks and chicken nuggets and 0ther foods that are off limits on most of the diets. Fast cooking, versatile and easy to clean makes this hot air frying machine more appealing when compared to other models.

Gowise USA 3.7-Quart Programmable 7-In-1 Air Fryer, Gw22621

The latest model Gowise USA GW22621 allows you to enjoy your favourite food items without added calories of oil. Touch Screen accessibility allows you to set manual cooking time or select in between any of the seven smart built-in programs. Furthermore, you can use this air fryer for fish, meat, shrimp, chicken and many other items. Button guard present in Gowise USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer avoids accidental detachment of the basket. You can deal with a variety of foods from crispy foods to juicy wings with little or no oil via Adjustable temperature ranging between 170°F – 400°F.

GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable 7-in-1 Air Fryer, GW22621

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Automatic standby feature along with 30-minute timer switches the fryer into standby mode on completion. Detachable basket present in GoWise USA GW22621 makes it easy to transfer food to the plate. This electric air fryer is a brand new product on the market with touchscreen feature. The Gowise GW22621 is a digital Air fryer with a high level of efficiency and functionality. A quality fryer from GoWise which enables you to cook Healthy meals fast and efficient.

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Gowise USA GW22621 Review 2018

Air Fryer Gowise is far above more basic air fryers and comes with a lot of features. Adjustable temperature, automatic shut off and seven cooking presets make it a versatile machine for Air Fryers. Gowise Air Fryer Reviews 2018 have got a positive response from the customers. The Good capacity of Gowise USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer, Black, 3.7 Qt, 1400w can make fast and less fatty foods. This Review on electric Air fryer from GoWise simplifies your decision of choosing the best air fryer. Hope you come to an opinion after reading this review and choose the right one that meets your requirements.

Gowise USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer Highlights at a Glance

Air fry with little to no oil: You can prepare a variety of dishes from crispy fries to juicy wings with or without oil within less time hardly about 30 minutes. There will not be any added calories in your food with this Gowise Air Fryer.

Rapid Air circulation: The rapid air circulation technology cooks food by circulating hot air in all the directions. As a result, it ensures fast and even cooking.

Easy to Use and Clean: Large LCD Touchscreen present allows you to set the temperature between 170°F – 400°F, cook in 1-30 minutes of time span. Clean up is easy as the basket and pan are non-stick in this Air Fryer Gowise.

Delicious Results: You can try air frying for roasting, grilling snacks meals and desserts with this Gowise USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer.

Cooking Capacity: Gowise large capacity air fryer comes with a capacity 0f 3.7 Quarts, and this can be easily sufficient for 4-6 members. The Gowise GW22621 is a medium Sized machine for an average size family or small particles. Based on the food you are making you can use it for full meals or snacks.

Safety: Gowise USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer is a safe fryer that meets the safety standards for electric appliances. It has ETL certification, and the button guard present avoids accidental basket detachment.  This situation could be very dangerous when the fryer is on and has full of hot food.

Robust Construction: In General, Gowise USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer is made of high-quality materials that look good in your kitchen. This machine lasts long for many more years, the Sleek design ensures less counter space in the kitchen.

Gowise USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer Specifications

Specification Depiction
Manufacturer GoWise USA
Product Dimensions 9*8.5*12 inches
Item Weight 12 Pounds
Digital Display Yes
Power 60 Hz
Voltage 120V
Volume 3.7 QT
Temperature Range 170°F – 400°F
Cooking Timer Upto 30 minutes
Auto Switch Off Yes
Warranty 1 Year

For more details refer Gowise GW22621 Manual regarding the precautions to follow, warranty information. This product is warranted against the manufacturer defects for 1 year when used in accordance with instructions provided.

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Quick View of Gowise USA 3.7-Quart Programmable 7-In-1 Air Fryer, Gw22621 Features

Adjustable Temperature:  The GoWise has 1500 Watt power and a temperature range of  170°F – 400°F. This feature makes it a substitute for ovens, stovetops, and microwaves. Due to the presence of air frying technology you need the only spoonful of oil to get crispy foods.

7 Cooking Programs: In general, Gowise Air Fryer GW22621 has seven built-in smart programs for chips, meat, shrimp, chicken, steak, fish and the other for a manual program. Instead of experimenting with temperature and time you can choose any of the options in this fryer. Thus, this Air fryer saves your time as well as reduces your burden of figuring out how to best cook your meals.

30 Minutes Timer: The timer of this Gowise USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer is about 30 minutes, and you can set your food, and it does everything. This safety feature prevents overcooking and burning of food. Whenever the time cycle completes the fryer will automatically go into standby mode.

GoWise Air Fryer Accessory: Air fryer Accessories increases the chances of cooking options thus more chances of recipes. You get a nonstick baking cake pan with handle with this Air fryer. Using this nonstick bake pan, you can bake your cakes or prepare your favourite dishes.  In fact, the handle available makes it easy to take your cooked food from the Gowise USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer.

Touch Screen Technology: Operating Gowise USA GW22621 is quite easy due to the presence of Touchscreen. Moreover, You have the flexibility to choose the temperature, time and everything from the same control pad which is easy to clean, brightly lit.

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Pros and cons of Gowise USA GW22621


  • Gowise USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer is a handy addition to the kitchen bench top.
  • This Air fryer cooks food very quickly.
  • The Best Air Fryer is easy to use, clean and is dishwasher safe.
  • Gowise Fryer Cooks food exactly within the time you have set.
  • You can grill, roast, cook and fry your food using this top rated air fryer.
  • In fact, Gowise USA Air Fryer turns out healthy and low-calorie meals.
  • There is no chance for splatters or mess in the kithen as cooking is done inside the machine.


  • This Gowise USA GW22621 appliance is large when compared to other appliances.
  • It works great for cooking food to 2 people but not more than that.
  • The outer surface of the appliance becomes too hot when it reaches high cooking temperatures.
  • The GoWise device has high wattage which effects the electricity bill.

There are so many fryers but this stands out to be best air fryer available on the market. Unlike most other models, this one has advanced features to prepare healthy foods efficiently. It also has a great design with increasing demand day by day.  The Gowise USA GW22621 Electric Air Fryer simplifies cooking process. The touchscreen feature is a great addition and robust construction coupled with futuristic design makes it apt for modern kitchens. This Best Air fryer is not a cheap fryer bit has all the features which add more convenience to use. The fact that this air fryer cooks food with no oil or less oil makes it an awesome choice for your kitchen. Apart from the few flaws like it is a large appliance, needs high wattage this pays the price you pay.

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