Top Farberware Deep Fryer Reviews 2019

When I was growing up, one of my favourite feasts was to stop off at the local fish and chip corner store and buy a few deep-fried calamari rings or spring rolls. But that was years ago, now comes the Farberware Deep Fryer. Now, the delights of deep fried food are not just confined to the corner store or restaurant. We have at our disposal a large array of technologically advanced deep fryers that empower us to create our own crisp and tasty fried food in the comfort of our own kitchen.

If you are a lover of deep fried food and would like to start cooking your own recipes that you and your family will love, the Farberware deep fryer will do most of the hard work for you. With this innovative fryer, you can cook almost anything like fish and chips. Let us know more about these top rated deep fryer reviews 2019.

Best 10 Faberware Deep Fryer Reviews 2019

The FARBERWARE Dual Deep Fryer gives you the ability to make your own delicious fried foods at home. There are so many different types of deep fryers available for home use, large and small fryers with an array of cooking features, there are many best rated deep fryers to buy one that will best fit your needs.


Faberware 4L Dual Deep Fryer

Make your own delicious fried foods at home with the FARBERWARE 4L Dual Deep Fryer. With its easy temperature control and a viewing window on the lid, this Farberware deep fryer makes it easy to turn out perfectly cooked food every time. This home deep fryer has a four-litre capacity and includes two small fryer baskets and one large fryer basket. Hence, making this best deep fryer suitable for eating alone or preparing a family meal. The FARBERWARE 4L Dual Deep Fryer equipped with an enamel-coated pan, an immersion heating element. This best Farberawre 4 litre deep fryer comes with a charcoal air filter for crisp and clean frying each time.

farberware 4 liter deep fryer

Moreover, this FARBERWARE 4L Dual Deep Fryer, Stainless Steel is strengthened by the Good Housekeeping Seal. The limited warranty reflected by the Good Housekeeping Seal of this Farberware means that if a fryer bearing the Seal is defective within the first two years of purchase, Good Housekeeping will replace the fryer. Then the Farberware refund the purchase price.With its easy temperature control and a viewing window on the lid, this best deep fryer makes it easy to turn out perfectly cooked food every time. Furthermore, the dimensions of this Farberware  4 liter deep fryer are 15.12″ L x 14.33″ W x 10.51″ H.


  • Ideal for family use.
  • Durable.
  • No oil needs to be used.
  • Sleek looks.
  • Replaceable filters.


  • The window is difficult to see.


Faberware 1.1L Deep Fryer

Prepare all fried foods in your house comfortably with the help of this best Faberware 1.1L Deep Fryer. Make your Fryer Operation simple with cool touch handle and adjustable thermostat features of this Farberware deep fryer. Stainless steel housing with lid and one blue pilot light make this Farberware 1.1 liter deep fryer even more comfortable to use. Moreover, cleaning this electric deep fryer is quite simple for this Faberware. However, make sure that the electrical wall outlet is not overloaded with other devices while using this Farberware fryer. Furthermore, this the best compact fryer that helps for easy storage and occupies very less space on your kitchen counter. This Faberware 1.1-l deep fryer has a power rating of 1200 Watts and hence, always operate on separate 120 V, 60 Hz wall outlet. Moreover, keep the fryer on a heat-resistant, clean and flat surface.

farberware 1.1l deep fryer

Plus, maintain a distance of 4 inches between Farberware 1.1 Liter Deep Fryer and the other appliances, cupboards, and walls. Furthermore, you can adjust the temperature of this best deep fryer 2019 based on the type of food you are making. however, this feature makes the operation of Farberware Deep Fryer easy and safe. This Farberware fryer has an oil capacity of 1.1L that is great when compared to other deep fat fryers available in the market. Moreover, the stainless steel involved in the construction of this electric deep fryer gives more durability when compared to other fryers. This also helps for cleanup in no time with Farberware Deep Fryer 1.1L. In order to avoid any damage that causes accidentally if we touch this deep fryer cool touch handle is provided on the exterior side of the Farberware.


  • Great price.
  • Prepares food evenly.
  • Easy Cleaning.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cooks perfectly.


  • Non removable oil reservoir.


Faberware Multifunctional Deep Fryer

Farberware Air Fryer is very easy to operate. This Farberware multifunctional fryer has two buttons for adjusting temperature and time settings. Here, the temperature controls of this fryer allow you to adjust temperature up to 400 degrees. Moreover, the digital panels of this best deep fryer are very easy to read. Plus, you can set the timer for 30 minutes. The best thing about this Farberware deep fryer is that it alerts you when cooking is complete and shuts off automatically. Moreover, the Farberware Air Fryer is very easy to use. You just need to place your food in the food basket, set the time and preferred temperature and let it cook. The Farberware air fryer comes with a cool touch housing that has a handle for removing the tray safely. This means you are well protected from injuries.

Farberware air fryer

Moreover, this Farberware Air Fryer uses rapid air technology to cook your favourite food. Here, th hot air is moved around the food basket, and this assures that your food is evenly cooked. You do not need to turn the food when cooking. It gives your food a fried taste even without adding oil. Also, the food does not even smell; it also prevents messes and splatters. Farberware Air Fryer assures your food is cooked faster as compared to when you are using an oven. Farberware Air Fryer allows you to prepare foods with fewer calories as you do not need to add oil. The oils in your food are also removed when cooking and the stored at the bottom of the fryer. You can prepare different types of food using this Farberware Air Fryer. Moreover, this Farberware deep fryer allows you for grilling, fry bake and roast your food.


  • Affordable fryer.
  • Easy to use.
  • No greasy smells.
  • Oil less fryer.
  • No oil required when cleaning.


  • No rack for double layering.


Faberware 2.5 Liter Deep Fryer

Make your own tasty fried foods at home with the FARBERWARE 2.5L Deep Fryer. You can make perfect fried food every time by using this Fraberware deep fryer. We should be thankful for the deep fryer’s easy temperature control and viewing window. This best 2.5 liter deep fryer features an enamel-coated oil pan and an immersion heating element, as well as a charcoal air filter. The basket and oil pan of this electric deep fryer is completely dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. The FARBERWARE 2.5L Single Deep Fryer, Stainless Steel comes with the Good Housekeeping Seal.

FARBERWARE 2.5L Deep Fryer

Safety button on the back of control panel of this Farberware stainless steel must be depressed and kept in proper position on the fryer body by the proper mounting of the said control panel in fryer body mounting slots. With some trial and error to rig/test the deep fryer further, the Farberware did power up and heat the oil. However, the ready light came on in 2 minutes indicating that oil had reached the setting of 375. The oil reservoir of Farberware 2.5 Liter Fryer can hold a maximum of 2.5 litres oil for cooking. This is a pretty good capacity for large volumes of food at a time. The FARBERWARE 2.5L Deep Fryer price is only $29.92. It’s a lower price than many other Amazon deep fryers. So you can easily save a lot of money.


  • Good temperature control.
  • Nice viewing window.
  • Enamel coated oil pan.
  • Very good charcoal filter.
  • Completely dishwasher safe.


  • Poor design.


Faberware 1.5 Liter Deep Fryer

The Farberware deep fryer, 1.5l is Small. Hence, can take a while to reach heat, and fry pot is not detachable for washing. This Farberware 1.5 liter really is an oil fryer. The aluminium non-removable pot that comes with this electric deep fryer is great. It is healthy in that there is certainly no ‘non-stick’ material to flake or remove. In regards to sticking, your food items will not stay as long as you allow your essential oil to heat in advance. This best Farberware deep fryer has a lot of features that more costly fryers may not have. Moreover, the Farberware 1.5-liter deep fryer comes with a removable basket, temperature control system, cover, mesh type vent out area in the lid. This Amazon deep fryer also equipped with handles on either side, aluminium non-removable pot, stainless-steel on the outside.

Farberware deep fryer 1.5L

Moreover, the removable Farberware deep fryer replacement cord helps you a lot. This best deep fryer also included instructions booklet and is the another important thing we forgot to say. Moreover, this commercial deep fryer is perfect for frying a small group of food for just one or two people. The Faberware is also good for portion control cooking. However, you can clean non removable aluminium pots, very easily. Of course, you may not immerse the Farberware fryer in water. The detachable basket of this Farberware deep fryer, 1.5l is easy to clean as well. In addition, you can just wipe out the pot holding a damp cloth. It has an oil fryer, therefore, it will never appear pretty inside the container again once utilized a few times!


  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • Cool touch basket handle.
  • Compact for easy storage.
  • Best deep fryer to cook different foods.
  • Good oil capacity.


  • Lid is not detachable.


Faberware FBW Ft42138BK deep fryer

Prepare a variety of your favourite dishes with little Farberware Air Fryer FBW Ft42138BK. This best Farberware deep fryer circulates hot air evenly around the food. This provides uniform cooking and gives it a fried taste without the added calories or fat. Use this best Farberware air fryer for making sides like onion rings or fries, as well as main dishes such as chicken and steaks. However, this Farberware deep fryer also gives off no oil smell and is designed to prevent messes and splatters. The Faberware is easy to use by simply setting the timer and temperature. Then let it do the cooking. A recipe book is also included with this for a variety of meal ideas. The Farberware fryer also has a dishwasher-safe food basket and basket holder for easy cleaning. Moreover, this best electric deep fryer is Multi-functional and versatile, for baking, frying, grilling and roasting.

Farberware fbw ft 42138

Plus, the Farberware FBW FT 42138 is good for traditional French fries and Onion rings. This Farberware deep fryer uses a powerful air frying technology with rapid hot air circulation system that gives your food a crispily fried finish. This Farberware FBW FT 42138 can Cook steaks, vegetables, roasted potatoes and much more. Fast cooking performance and very short preheating time enable you to prepare a meal for the whole family in less time.  Farberware  FBW FT 42138 deep fryer includes a recipe book with over 25 recipes. This Amazon deep fryer comes with a timer up to 30min, with auto shut-off feature. It also has 3.2 qt food basket with FDA approved non-stick coating. This deep fryer amazon is easy to clean and has dishwasher-safe parts. The Protective plastic cover on food basket release button prevents the accidental drop of the food basket holder.


  • Versatile.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Powerful air frying technology.
  • No oil smell.
  • No Splatter.


  • Expensive.


Faberware Air Fryer 201522

The Air frying technology of this best Faberware 201522 deep fryer circulates hot air evenly around the food. Hence, resulting in uniform cooking with the delicious crisp taste. You can prepare a variety of dishes with the help of this Farberware air fryer 201522 with little to no oil. Moreover, this best electric deep fryer is good for fries, onion rings, steak, chicken and much more. This is because air frying uses no oil. Hence, there is less odour, less splatter and less mess as compared to traditional commercial deep fryers. The adjustable temperature control and timer that are equipped with this Farberware deep fryer make operation very easy and simple. The 2.5-liter removable basket of this Farberware Air fryer holds up to two pounds of food. The Recommended cooking capacity of this Farberware 201522 is up to 2 lbs.

farberware 201522

The inner part of this Farberware air fryer 201522 is nonstick coated for easy cleaning. Multi-functional and versatile features of this Air fryer Farberware for baking, frying, grilling and roasting with little to no oil. Moreover, this best Farberware deep fryer is good for traditional French fries and onion rings. However, these Farberware food processors cook roasted potatoes, steak, vegetables and many more. Furthermore, there will be no oil smell, no splatter, no mess when you use this Farberware 201522. This Farberware air fryer 201522 comes with an adjustable temperature control. Plus, the 30-minute timer with auto shut-off is the best feature of this Farberware 201522.  The Farberware 2.5 liter deep fryer comes with an easy-to-clean food basket and basket holder. It is also equipped with cool-touch housing and handle. A protective plastic cover on food basket of Farberware release button prevents an accidental drop of the food basket holder.


  • Energy Saver.
  • Auto shutoff.
  • Protective plastic cover.
  • Food basket holder.


  • Very Small.


Faberware 5L deep fryer

The Farberware 5L Digital Air Fryer, White, can hold up to five pounds of your favourite foods. Hence, making it the best for large family style meals. With its rapid hot air technology and six key preset option, the Farberware 5L  Air Fryer is the perfect counterpart to any kitchen. With a large non-stick coated barrel pan and rapid hot air technology, this Farberware deep fryer allows you to get crispy food without any oily mess. Moreover, this Farberware multi-functional Air Fryer can be used for an array of cooking styles like frying, baking and grilling. This best electric deep fryer also features an adjustable temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and a 60-minute built-in timer. Furthermore, the Farberware Air Fryer 5L comes with an FDA approved non-stick chrome handle and side-by-side food divider.

Farberware 5l digital air fryer

This feature allows you to air fry two types of food simultaneously like steak and potatoes, French fries and onion rings. The possibilities are endless. The 5L size of this best deep fryer from Farberware provides cooking capacity for the whole family (however, the recommended cooking capacity is up to 1.5 kg/3.6 lb). Moreover, the 6 preset settings take the guesswork out of the most popular food choices like fries, chicken, steak, etc. In addition, the fast cooking performance and very short preheating time enable us to prepare a meal for the whole family in a very time. moreover, the additional feature of this best Farberware deep fryer is no oil smell, no splatter and no mess.


  • Easily cook 2 types of food at the same time.
  • Powerful air frying technology.
  • Fast cooking performance.
  • Short preheating time.
  • Nonstick pan.


  • Heavy cooking basket.

How to choose the best Deep fryer?

It is an open secret that Americans have an ongoing love affair with any food that can be fried. However, this is a good news for you. But if you want your name to prosper and grow, you need to know the keys to create the ideal piece of french fries, fried chicken or fish again, again and again. By using the right techniques, temperature, timing and equipment you can guarantee perfection for your loved ones every single time. Before you decide to begin your quest for your new, bright and shiny deep fryer, here are some main features to look for when buying the best fryer.

Main things to consider

Oil Filtration

Even with all locked down and optimized appliance, there is one humble ingredient that can still foil everything. That is nothing but your oil. With the prevalence of the health benefits of more exotic oils like coconut oil, temperature correctness becomes a key consideration, as does filtration. Either you are using the more expensive oils or just a good shortening, the rapid degradation that occurs without filtration. This cost you serious money as each vat can only last a maximum of three days. However, with manual filtration, your oil could last around six days. With a shortening management system, you can easily expect nine days of use from a single vat. Filtration saves you money and keeps your loved ones asking you again and again for that consistently delicious taste!

There are many fryers like Farberware deep fryer, that come with an oil filter. These not only filters away any excess oil into a separate container at the bottom of the deep fryer but also can absorb the smell of the grease and oil. In general, charcoal filters are very good at absorbing the smell. There are also many commercial deep fryers that use an “Easy Clean Oil Drain System”. Here, in this case, the oil is drained from the unit through a hose in the front of the fryer. Moreover, be careful with how much oil you use. Some fryers may leak if you overfill the fryer receptacle with oil. However, if you use too much oil, your food may not result in that authentic crispy skin.

Food Capacity

If you are only making dishes for one or two people then the Farberware air fryer with 1000 or 1500 watts of power should be sufficient. But if you have a large family who enjoys a lot of fried food, then go for a deep fryer that allows for a larger food capacity from 1750 watts of power or a 3.5 liter capacity. Also, don’t forget to look at the size of the cooking basket. Some fryers have a higher wattage, but the basket is small.

Adjustable Temperature settings

Many deep fryers like Farberware deep fryer come with an adjustable thermostat that you can control. Some fryers are equipped with a digital control selector that monitors the temperature of the oil and adjusts the cooking temperatures accordingly. Moreover, the adjustable temperature function is a handy feature if you are cooking different kinds of food. However, not all types of food require the same temperature. Many temperature gauges run up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, that is ideal for cooking large quantities of food or an entire turkey.


A timer of an electric deep fryer is a handy feature. Especially when you are cooking a large turkey or a roast. Here, the timer allows you to set the recommended cooking time. Hence, you can just sit back and relax while the fryer does all the cooking, and then alerts you when the food is ready to be served. A timer can also make sure that your food is not overcooked and is cooked to perfection.

Food Basket

To avoid any burns or being splashed by oil or grease, especially when you are cooking a lot of food, look for a deep fryer that comes with a basket with a cool grip handle. Some models like Farberware deep fryer have a basket that can be lowered into the oil while is the lid is closed. However, some fryers have a rotating basket that provides a more even cooking result. This is very important for cooking a larger piece of meat like a turkey. Moreover, a rotating basket uses less oil and is more energy efficient. But you have to make sure that the food does not get overcooked or burned.

Easy to Wash

One thing is for sure when it comes to cooking with oil, is the mess of having to clean up.Fortunately, most of the deep fryers are made with removable parts that are easy to wash and with non-stick surfaces. And some other deep fryers are dishwasher safe.

Extra and Safety features

Just like any other electrical appliance, safety features play an important role. Hence, look for a deep fryer that has a securely locking lid, an indicator light that shows you or alerts you when your food is ready. Some commercial deep fryers have skid-free feet that keep the system secure on your table or countertop. While others have cool-touch surfaces that protect you from the super-hot oil inside the fryer. Moreover, breakaway cords are a good safety feature. Here the cord is attached to the fryer by a magnet and comes away if the cord is tripped over. You can also safely disengage the cord if there is liquid spilt on it.


The warranty of a deep fryer is a good feature to look out for as well. Some brands like Farberware deep fryer offer you a 90-day return or a one year warranty, while some others offer a more generous, but limited three warranty. As deep fryers have become exceedingly popular for home use, there are so many models in all shapes and sizes.


Farberware has been the face of innovative, quality cookware and appliances for more than 100 years. It is this devotion and tradition that has built the brand name that most of its users have come to know and trust. The Farberware company has remained one of the top-selling kitchenware brands in part due to its reputation. Farberware’s ability to evolve with technology and improve in quality throughout the years has assured the brand’s stability among professional and household kitchenware.


In conclusion, there are not many differences between all the Farberware deep fryer models out there, they all tend to offer the same thing. The main thing is about choosing which deep fryer is right for your family and also how often you plan on using it as well as how often you plan on using it. Keep in mind that certain foods cook faster than others. Hence, practice makes perfect and make sure to always refer to the cooking guide that comes with the deep fryer.

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