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Farberware 1.1L Deep Fryer Review 2020

Are you fond of Deep Fried Foods? Then this time, you get the Best deep fryer to fulfill your needs from Farberware. Now you can Prepare delicious fried food right in your home comfortably rather than choosing conventional methods of deep frying, which is risky.  One such prominent model that serves your frying needs is Farberware 1.1L Deep Fryer. It has all the cool features making it the best product in our lineup. Make your home life even more comfortable with this Farberware Deep Fryer. This Compact Deep Fryer satisfies the requirements of a small family very effectively with little effort.

Farberware Electric Deep Fryer for Sale

Prepare all fried foods in your home comfortably using Faberware 1.1L Deep Fryer. Make Fryer Operation easy with cool-touch handle and adjustable thermostat feature. Stainless steel housing with lid and one blue pilot light make it even more comfortable to use. Cleaning is quite simple for this deep fryer from Faberware. Make sure that the electrical wall outlet is not overloaded with other appliances while using this fryer. A compact fryer that helps for easy storage and requires less space on the kitchen counter.

This Faberware kitchen appliance has a power rating of 1200 Watts and should always operate on a separate 120 V, 60 Hz wall outlet. Keep the fryer on a heat-resistant, clean, and flat surface. Maintain a distance of 4 inches between Farberware 1.1 Liter Deep Fryer and the other devices, cupboards, and walls. Pour cooking oil into the oil reservoir carefully in the electric deep fryer. This machine has an oil capacity of 1.1L, which is great compared to other premium models available in the market.

farberware 1.1 deep fryer FEATURES

You can adjust the temperature as per your requirement. This feature makes the operation of Farberware 1.1 Liter Deep Fryer easy and safe.   However, it is always safe and better to adjust the temperature as per our requirement for delicious food.

In general, stainless steel Deep Fryer gives more durability compared to other models. This Farberware Deep Fryer 1.1 Liter is easy to clean, because of the stainless steel built. Moreover, the look is also great and matches any kitchen perfectly. Coming to the lid, though it is not transparent, it is easy to lift and monitor.  

Usually, farberware 1.1 liter stainless steel deep fryer with dishwasher-safe basket involve hot oil in the cooking process, which can be very dangerous. So take necessary precautions while dealing with these electric deep fryers. To avoid any damage that accidentally occurs if we touch, this Farberware mini deep fryer is provided with a cool-touch handle on the exterior side of the machine. You can lift the basket comfortably without any worries of burning hands. Make sure to Refer farberware 1.1 liter deep fryer instructions, do’s and Don’ts before using it. 

The oil reservoir of Farberware Deep Fryer can hold a maximum of 1.1 liters of oil for cooking. It’s a pretty good capacity for large batches of food at a time. I can’t say it is too large and sufficient for larger families, but this capacity will be enough for small-sized families and friends. So, for the one looking for a deep fryer that satisfies small family requirements, this will be the best choice. Make sure to refer farberware 1.1 liter deep fryer manual, how to use and how to clean it. 

farberware 1.1 l deep fryer SPecs

Specification Name Value
Product Dimensions
10 x 6 x 5 inches
Item Weight
4 Pounds
Deep Fryer
Oil Capacity
1.1 Liters
Power Rating
1200 Watts
60 Hz
Material Type
Stainless Steel
Fryer Style
Open Fryer Pot
Adjustable Thermostat

Farberware 1.1 L Compact Deep Fryer Overview

This Review on Faberware 1.1 Liter Fryer covers the Highlighted Features, Specs, and many more.  As this Farberware 1.1L Deep Fryer Reviews say that it has all those features that the best deep fryer need. It is the best deep fryer for home that can serve a small family without any hassle. The quality of the fried food is far better and is of lightweight, easy to use. Although this kitchen appliance is only for small family cooking requirements, it cooks food evenly and perfectly. You don’t have to worry about how to clean farberware deep fryer, its simple you can use hot water and liquid soap to clean it. 





How to clean a Farberware 1.1 l Deep Fryer?

The most appropriate way to clean Farberware 1.1-l Deep Fryer by boiling water in it for 20 minutes and draining it and clean afterwards with a long brush.

Farberware 1.1 liter Deep Fryer- How to use?

 Follow the steps below to use Farberware 1.1 liter Deep Fryer-

  1. Clean the fryer before you start cooking.
  2. Pour in the oil till the required and suggested level.
  3. Let the oil heaten up as required.
  4. Insert the food slowly into the hot oil cautiously.
  5. Let the food cook till it reaches the proper crisp and fry consistency.
  6. Remove from the oil before it gets over cooked or burnt. 
What kind of cooking oil do you use in a Farberware 1.1 liter Deep Fryer?

Peanut oil and canola oil are ideal for use in Farberware 1.1 liter Deep Fryer.

How do you remove the oil from a Farberware Deep Fryer?

 Drain the oil from the container and then boil water in it to remove the grease or stains.

What is the Farberware 1.1L Deep Fryer basket made of? Is it Stainless steel?

 The Farberware 1.1L Deep Fryer basket is made of stainless steel.

How many chicken wings fit in Farberware 1.1L Deep Fryer?

Farberware 1.1L Deep Fryer can fit 8-10 chicken wings in one go.


This is a 1.1 L Farberware Deep fryer with worthwhile features in a compact machine to keep in short.  Farberware 1.1L Deep Fryer deals with fries, and chicken, onion rings flawlessly irrespective of it being a small machine. Cool touch basket handle and adjustable thermostat make fryer operation simple and safe. 

Pilot blue light indicates whether the fryer is ready for the cooking process. On the whole, this Faberware Deep Fryer is worth the price you pay. To summarize, Faberware fryer is the Best Deep Fryer for Home. Most of the customers are pleased with this Faberware Deep Fryer’s performance.  

Farberware 1.1L Deep Fryer is the top Deep Fryer that heats up quickly. It is Compact, Easy to Use, and Simple to Clean. You can now this Single Serving Fryer that does its job perfectly at Amazon. Check out the 1.1 liter deep fryer Farberware price and grab this best deep fryer online.

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