10 Energy-efficient Electric Deep Fryers that gives you the best crispy results!

Best Electric Deep Fryer Reviews

If an informal survey has been conducted to know about what types of food most of the peoples love to consume, I am pretty sure that deep fried food will undoubtedly top the list. Though most of us thoroughly aware about the derogatory health effects of having a lot of fried foods over some time, but it is definitely tough to not fall for all those deep-fried meats, or fried vegetables and even fried desserts like doughnuts or fried Ice-cream itself. 

If you look into any great restaurant menus, you will find that most of the top-selling ones or the specialized ones are falls under the deep-frying category. But, here, another thing has also need to be admitted, that, the tastier a fried food is, more difficult to get the exact texture and tenderness while cooking. 

It may seem so easy, but according to many world-famous chefs, deep frying is the more complicated and rather intimidating cooking process of all. Frying food on the perfect note can be both messy and tricky, and in most of the cases, the foods either overcooked or always a step or two below from being complete. And in most of the cases, all the fancy fried foods are not so reachable for the home cooks as well.

To get rid off all the intricate details like getting to the exact temperature or to maintain, the temperature just right, there is nothing better than a great quality deep fryer. Though this particular piece of appliance is not a mandatory one, in every kitchen, it definitely can be the best addition for people who love enjoying fried foods.

 These deep fryers can easily monitor the temperature and time to get the perfect texture, and the right amount of tenderness of the food, let alone the mess and splatter healthy manual cooking does. There are so many different deep fryers are available in the market. Still, as the highlight of this particular article is electric deep fryer, so we are going to discuss the same.

Top 10 Best Electric Deep Fryers of 2020

A majority do relish the taste of delicious deep-fried chicken wings. However, it is unfortunate on how a lot of people still cannot purchase a brand new electric deep fryer. But don’t be disheartened since we have put together a short buying guide for those who are considering purchasing a new commercial electric deep fryer.

After all, budgets tend to get restricted on what and how much you spent on other kitchen appliances as well. Identifying what is essential is the key when purchasing a commercial deep fryer. If you are purchasing your very first unit, then you may not understand which features define a good electric deep fryer. If you know that you like eating deep-fried chicken, then that is more than enough to get started when looking for an electric deep fryer.

Presto FryDaddy deep fryer

Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer image

Hamilton Beach deep fryer

Hamilton Beach 35021 Electric Deep Fryer image

Hamilton Beach Electric Fryer

Hamilton Beach 35034 Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer image

The Presto FryDaddy electric deep fryer is designed to help you make delicious chicken, onion rings, fries and many more. With 120 volts AC and 1200 watts, this model tends to save expense on oil since it has an oil capacity of 4 cups which is adequate to make 4 large servings. 

  • Easy to clean

  • Handy scoop lifts

  • Durability

  • Easy to use

The great feature of this fry daddy electric deep fryer is the capability to store the same oil and use it again. If you have a huge family, this model is perfect since it is a family-sized fryer. Even so, the ideal frying temperature is being maintained automatically, so you don’t have to worry about setting the right temperature every time. Moreover, the unit has handy scoop lifts, serves and drains, thus enabling the basket to be not messy and effortless to clean.





The Hamilton Beach electric deep fryer cooks much faster compared to a leading rival. With its 8 cup capacity, the model can cook a maximum of 6 cups of fries or even chicken tenders. Also, the model provides you with a breakaway cord with cool-touch sides. 

  • 8 cup capacity

  • Cool touch sides

  • Easy Cleaning

  • Adjustable Temperature

  • Magnetic Power Cord

The cool-touch sides are designed to ensure safety measures wherein users’ hands won’t get burned if touched accidentally. The breakaway cord avoids the fryer from falling over if the cord is ripped. Also, this Electric Indoor Turkey Deep Fryer prevents hot splatters since it uses a protective lid and users can monitor the food through the view window.





The Next inclusion in the list mentioned above of best Electric deep fryer is from one none other than the Hamilton Beach itself. Deep frying a lot of different types of food right before the party you have thrown, can be an enormous mess on its own. But with this particular Hamilton Beach 35034 professional-grade electric deep fryer, cooking for the next big batch of guests will feel like a leisurely breezy Sunday morning! 

Undoubtedly the best thing about this particular electric deep fryer is that it comes with three separate frying baskets for the ease and convenience of the user only. Where the two relatively smaller frying baskets have enabled the user to fry different food items at the same time, the bigger one is for the large quantity of foods. With almost 3 litres or 12 cups food frying capacities, this particular Electric deep fryer from Hamilton beach is undoubtedly one of the largest in the market.

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Immersed heating technology

  • 3- litres of oil holding capacity

  • Three separate frying baskets, makes this deep fryer multipurpose and versatile

  • Separate temperature and time control knobs for easy usage

  • Convenient lid with viewing window

Unlike any other great quality electric deep fryers, this Outdoor Electric Deep Fryer also consists of a submerged heating element, which is meant to produce an even temperature for frying is pretty less time. With the temperature control and adjustable timer included with the electric deep fryer, the user always has the maximum control over the appliance by all means.

As this particular small electric deep fryer can reach to the precise temperature required for frying a specific item of food, the end product I even cooked with a golden-brown exterior and a soft and tender interior. With additional features like ready and power indicator light and the lid with a viewing window, this particular appliance becomes more and more customer-friendly by all means.

As all the additional parts and the accessories are removable, they can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher as well. With a stealing price of only $69 and this number of features, the Hamilton Beach Electric deep fryer can be the perfect choice for any household and mini restaurant kitchen as well.





The Secura electric deep fryer comes with 3 fry containers. You will get access to two side-by-side containers for cooking smaller batches of food such as fries and onion rings, fish and chips, or even for frying food items which have different cooking times. Apart from this, there is one large basket where you can cook big batches of food such as chicken or even doughnuts. You can fry fish and chips simultaneously as well.

  • Automatic shutoff

  • Adjustable thermostat

  • Adjustable heat control

  • Safety Cord

This best Electric Deep Fryer provides you with a 1700 watt immersion element which recovers and preheats oil temperature quickly compared to other models. Also, it has a removable oil tank with a capacity of 4.2-litre, which makes it effortless to clean and brings you an additional set of odour filters. There is also an automatic timer which can be changeable up to 60 minutes and shuts down the heating element when not in use. Other impressive features include an odour filter with a sees through a window in the lid. When it comes to adjusting the heat, it delivers an adjustable heat control feature of 250°-375°F.





The Presto 05466 electric deep fryer is produced out of stainless steel. It offers a myriad of great features such as a dual basket where you can cook two different batches of food simultaneously or at different times. This Electric Deep Fryer Commercial is created with professional workmanship and comes at a home size of 1800W power output.

  • Easy to set up

  • Adjustable Temperature

  • Fast Heating

  • Carbon activated filter

The immersion element brings you instant preheating and quick oil temperature recovery so that you don’t need to worry about when to apply the food into the fryer since these two features automatically set the right temperature and time for you. Also, this Presto Electric Deep Fryer is designed with the big 3 containers where it has a large container of storing 5 lbs of food. This huge container can be used for frying humungous batches of food in a jiffy. The baskets are oblongly shaped which are perfect to fit huge chicken or fish pieces.

The enamelled heating and pot element enable easy grease removal, which makes it easy to clean. The commercial electric deep fryer countertop provides you with an adjustable thermostat with a bright indicator light and notifies you when the oil is ready for frying food batches. Lastly, it comes with a 12- cup food capacity; therefore, it is ideal for large families.





The Cuisinart CDF-200 electric deep fryer has a 4-quart large capacity which enables you to cook a maximum of 2.3 pounds of food. This is ideal for large-sized families as well and offers convenience. The model has a huge stainless mesh basket with a handle of a cool-touch type. This makes it easier for people to pick up the basket and not burn their fingers and palms.

  • Lightweight

  • Portable Design

  • Easy to assemble

  • Temperature Control

With this model, you can fry potatoes, onion rings, chicken, doughnuts, seafood, vegetables and much more to a perfect crispy level you expect. With a removable and adjustable 1800-watt heating element, you can expect quicker heat buildup and recovery since it uses an immersion-style heating element. Furthermore, this unit provides a 1-gallon oil container with a flowing spout which is enamel-coated as well as removable.





The next one in the list is a professional grade electric deep fryer from the hose of KRUPS. It has a strong and extremely long-lasting stainless-steel body and comes with a load of interesting features. This KRUPS electric deep fryer can be the perfect addition to any small or medium commercial grade kitchen, where foods are being fried in bulks all day long.

The speciality of this particular manufacturer lies in the fact that it is known for manufacturing great quality, commercial grade electric deep fryer, but in an extremely affordable price range. Now, the other features of this particular appliances include a huge 4.5 litres of oil holding capacity, which can deep fry up to 2.6 pounds of food at a go, which is almost enough to feed the guest s of a house party.

As the oil consumption rate of this Restaurant Electric Deep Fryer is pretty extra, so it is always recommended to re-use the same oil until it holds the optimal quality, to reduce unnecessary ant wastage.

  • Strong and durable commercial grade deep fryer for small restaurant set-up and home usage

  • Oil capacity is 4.5 litres

  • Can accommodate 2.6 pounds of food at a once

  • Three-separate frying baskets

  • 1800-watt immersed power element

  • Separate temperature and timer control with separate pre-heat mode

  • Power and oil ready indicator

The 1800- detachable heating element is by far one of the highest amounts of power one can expect in any home deep fryers. The heating elements are not only powerful but quite fast as well. But as the fryer needs a lot of oil, sometimes it takes a little bit more to heat the oil for cooking thoroughly.

Nor from the convenience perspective, with the separate temperature and timer control buttons, literally anyone can use it without any hassle. The pre-heat button and the power and “oil-ready” indicators are acting as the added advantages and increase the convenience quotient of the fryer by all means.

 Also equipped with three separate frying baskets like the Hamilton Beach model, this KRUPS one is also pretty multipurpose and versatile at the same time.





The Presto electric deep fryer is an ideal model when it comes to cooking the perfect shrimp, chicken, French fries and a lot more. With its versatile thermostat, it allows easy temperature control and gives you the freedom to change the settings automatically. Also, there is a convenient light indicator which lets you know when the cooking oil is ready for frying food.

  • Charcoal air filter

  • Adjustable thermostat

  • Easy cleaning

  • Handy indicator light

The protective locking cover feature avoids spattering of oil and decreases the cooking odour. With its huge viewing window, you have access to check on the food without opening the lid cover. The fryer comes with a charcoal air filter which takes in all the frying odours. Furthermore, this best Electric Deep Fryer has an exterior container which manages food as it is immersed into the oil with the cover closed, thus preventing spattering of the hot oil.





It is being designed to hold 2.65 lbs. Food capacity, along with 2.1 litres of oil, the T-fal electric deep fryer has an astounding cool touch exterior and comes in a firm aluminium pot. This countertop deep fryer electric provides an oil filtration system wherein users can find it easy to clean-up and reuse the oil several times.

  • Easy clean up

  • Locking Lid

  • Cool wall technology

  • Digital timer

  • Precise temperature control

This Best Electric Deep Fryer powers up by consuming around 1600 watts of power, and when it comes to convenience, it is designed with a folding handle along with a huge window for viewing and a permanent grease filter. Users can now find it much easier to take out the prepared food batches using the cool folding handle and check to see if the food is cooked correctly or not by using its viewing window.





The Waring Pro DF280 model offers one huge container and two small yet heavy mesh baskets along with flexible handles which are designed with a cool-touch feature. You can now cook two different food batches at the same time.

With a 2.3 lb. Food capacity, the model enables you to cook large amounts of food in a go. Moreover, the fryer brings you an 1800-watt immersion-style heating element which is removable. This makes the model more versatile and heats the food quickly than expected.

  • 60 minute digital timer

  • Temperature control

  • Easy to assemble

  • Durability

  • Auto shutoff

The Waring pro fryer offers a removable oil container with a flowing spout and has a one-gallon storage capacity. Thus, you can re-use and cook with the same oil. Other features include temperature control with a 60-minute digital timer and a viewing window with a lid so you can see if your food is ready without harming yourself.





It is easily determined by the name itself, that an electric deep fryer is a piece of the appliance, which runs on electricity. These are the most common types of deep fryers available in the market and the most widely used as well. Comes in various sizes, these can the suitable for almost any kitchen types and has a wide price range as well between $100 to $200. With separate controls for time and temperature, these best electric deep fryers are easy and hassle-free to use and also available in lower price range as well.

Using an electric deep fryer is easy, and does not require so many detailed steps to start the appliance. As these generally come in a fully assembled formal, intervention from professional technicians are also not necessary most of the times. To start the functioning of your particular deep fryer, all you need to do is to follow a few easy and user-friendly steps:

  • Unpack the assemble and take out the appliance from it. It is always a wise choice to read all instructions and safety manual. It gives an idea about what to do and what not to do when safety is a concern.
  • In most of the cases, the frying basket and the lid of electric deep fryer comes unassembled. Fix them in the appropriate space, to make the deep fryer all ready to use.
  • Now, what types of oils are best for deep fryer? As deep-frying is dealing with a lot of higher temperature, it is always recommended to go for oils, which has a higher smoke point, hence takes a lot of time to break down or get burnt. Preferably, vegetable oils or sunflower oils are the most obvious choices for deep frying foods.
  • After connecting the electric deep fryer in the power socket, pour in the required amount of oil, in the oil basin, before switching on the appliance and when the basin is still cold.
  • Then turn on the fryer.
  • Preheat the oil on the required temperature before initiate cooking process. Though most of the great quality electric deep fryers come with an LCD screen, which indicated the oil temperature, otherwise a thermometer is required to check the same.
  • Pat dry the food item completely using a paper towel to get rid of all the excess water. A dry surface is leading to an evenly cooking and evenly crunchy golden-brown exterior of the food.
  • Once the oil reached the required temperature, dip the food into fryer slowly. 
  • Fry the food until it becomes golden brown from the exterior and fully cooked and tender from inside. Remove all the food after cooking.
  • Then switch off the fryer.
  • Wait until the oil gets completely cold before pouring it in another container for further usage.

Like any other home and kitchen improvement appliances, there are hundreds of different manufacturers are floating around in the market, who claim to manufacture the best quality electric deep fryers by all means. Some key companies, which has the best reputation in designing and developing the highest level of the particular appliance, in terms of both design and functionality. Some of these manufacturers are:

Presto solely believes in quality over quantity. Though manufactured a very little number of electric deep fryer models, most of the got the best reviews from both the customers and the critics. Most of them belong to the affordable price range. Hence they are highly functional and equipped with a load of special features as well. 

Another notable manufacturer in the electric deep fryer industry is T-Fal. This particular one is wholly known for designing and developing different types of products in different size and price variants. The T-fal electric deep fryers are also very user-friendly and hassle-free to use and too easy to maintain as well. In terms of functionality, these are efficient and perfectly deep fried and cook different types of food with ultimate perfection, using the in-built modes and features.

Maybe the most popular and most commonly used brands in case of any home and kitchen appliances. In the case of electric deep fryers, the scene is no difference at all. Hamilton Beach is known for designing and developing best quality electric deep fryers with user-friendly features, which are meant to make the deep-frying job easier and a fun-filled affair. Along with Hamilton Beach, another sister flagship from the manufacturer, Proctor Silex is also known for great quality products but in the affordable price range.

As electric deep fryers are solely designed and developed for convenience and ease of usage, it is pretty evident that most of them will be loaded with some exciting features. Some of them are necessary, which almost all the best electric deep fryers have. Those features, which are definitely to look out while buying an electric deep fryer re as follows:

Thermostat through the function of the built-in thermostat can quickly be done with a regular food-safe thermometer, their presence in the deep fryer always symbolizes better convenience.

Change-oil indicator: in a deep fryer, it is permissible to re-use oils multiple times to avoid unnecessary waste. But there is a particular point comes, after which the oil quality degrades, and the same oil is needed to be discarded. So, it is always a great decision to go for a deep fryer with “change oil indicator” in it, which get you out of the hassle to keep an eye on the oil now and then.

A drainage system one of the most intrigue moment with any deep fryer is the drainage of the oil to another container after every use. So, always look out for electric deep fryer with an easy and convenience drainage system built in it.

Auto shut-off feature un-attended hot oil can reach a temperature, where they can easily catch fire and leads to some dangerous accidents. So, to keep the safety of the appliance and yourself, always invest on the electric deep fryer, which will automatically shut down the heating elements, once the oil reaches the dangerous temperature zone.

An electric deep fryer with multiple frying baskets is always better than, single basket. This feature enables you to use the fryer to fry two separate food items at once, making the appliance highly versatile.

Always look out for electric fryers, which stays cool on the exterior side, which is appliance is functioning, avoiding all types of accidental burns over touching the machine only.

Capacity is considered one of the essential things when selecting a deep fryer. If you don’t purchase a fryer which is large enough for the number of people you cook for then you may need to keep frying several batches which is undoubtedly time-consuming. A 4-cup fryer can only make two servings, a 6-cup can produce around two to three small meals, and finally, a 12-cup is adequate to feed large-sized families. If a user is planning to cook an entire turkey, then he/she may need to consider an electric turkey deep fryer with sufficient capacity to allow space for a maximum size turkey which you want to fry.

Electric deep fryers come with higher wattage ratings wherein they make use of powerful heating elements. This helps in heating the oil to the temperature desired instantly. Afterwards, when you add in the food, the oil returns to the temperature immediately as well. This is the major key to a high-performance level: starting the frying process quickly so that the exterior cooks crisply and the interior stays intact and moist, yet without taking in a lot of oil.

Although the perfect frying temperature for a majority of foods is around 375 degrees Fahrenheit, the adjustable temperature feature on an electric fryer offers extreme flexibility to cook multiple food types.


What should you look for in an Electric Deep Fryer?

Available space , appliance maintenance, appliance safety, energy consumption, ease of cleaning, product price and warranty are some of the features you should look for in an electric Deep Fryer.

What is the best Electric Deep Fryer?

Presto FryDaddy Deep Fryer is a leading Electric Deep Fryer.

How long to heat oil in Electric Deep Fryer?

Depending upon the model and its wattage, it takes two/three minutes to 10-12 minutes depending upon your requirement of food, for oil to heat in an electric Deep Fryer.

How to cook in Electric Deep Fryer?

Follow the steps below to cook in an Electric Deep Fryer-

  1. Fill the Deep Fryer with oil until the suggested level. 
  2. Plug it in and let it get to the right heat level. 
  3. Keep a note to have dry food before inserting into the fryer.
  4. Carefully remove the food from the oil after it is completely cooked.
How to clean Electric Deep Fryer at home?

Clean your Deep Fryer as needed and follow the steps below-

  1. Unplug the Deep Fryer and let cool completely. Drain the oil. 
  2. Take the frying basket out and put it in the sink. 
  3. Wipe off remaining oil from the pot and lid. 
  4. Wipe the Deep Fryer's heating element clean if necessary. 
  5. Use a soft sponge to scrub with dish soap.
What type of oil for Electric Deep Fryer?

 Peanut oil and canola oil are ideal for use in Deep Fryers because of their high smoke points. With peanut oil's smoke point at 450 degrees Fahrenheit and canola oil at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, these two oils can remain stable throughout your frying process.

What size is a large Electric Deep Fryer?

A large Electric Deep Fryer has the capacity of 4.2 liters of oil.

What are the degree increments on an Electric Deep Fryer?

 The degree increments on an Electric Deep Fryer lie between 350 and 375 degree Fahrenheit.

What temperature does Electric Deep Fryer cook at?

Electric Deep Fryer cooks at a temperature range from 350 to 375 degree Fahrenheit.

Does this Electric Deep Fryer splatter very much while cooking?

No, the Electric Deep Fryer does not splatter very much while cooking.

Electric deep fryers come in different shapes and sizes. however, according to your needs and budget; you can pick the ideal electric fryer which lets you cook food instantly and without any problems. With 250 hours of research and analysis, we narrowed down Top 10 Deep Fryers. We tested each unit and reviewed its features, pros, and cons on this page. Readout and choose the best one.

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