Aicok Deep Fryer 1700w Fast Heat Up Immersion Fryer Review

Eliminate the struggle between your hunger and pain tolerance. You can enjoy the fried food and can prepare a variety of dishes for your family or friends using this versatile deep fryer Aicok DF-036. Entire cooking experience changes with this electric deep fryer.  Aicok Deep Fryer 1700w Fast Heat Up Immersion Fryer reduces the risk of fire burns with traditional methods of deep frying. This best deep fryer for home cuts down the calories by 80% so that you can have a balanced diet. The Aicok Deep Fryer 1700 W is perfect for making delicious french fries, onion rings, chicken, shrimp and much more. It gives you tasty food rather than greasy or burnt food by maintaining the perfect temperature.

Aicok Deep Fryer 1700W Fast Heat up Immersion Fryer Perfect for Chicken, Shrimp, Fries and More with Adjustable Temperature &...

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Top Rated Deep Fryer – Aicok Deep Fryer 1700 W

Aicok electric deep fryer consists of powerful heating elements, versatile enough to cook different foods. Many kinds of foods can be prepared with ease using the adjustable temperature and timer controls. This deep fryer is great for those who love fried foods or prepare them often. The temperature in Aicok Df-036 is set between 265 degrees F to 375 Degrees F to have perfectly crispy food. Aicok Deep Fryer 1700w is easy to use and can be thermostatically adjusted.

It is a fully detachable stainless steel fryer thus you can clean easily. The Aicok Deep Fryer 1700w Fast Heat Up Immersion Fryer is perfect for chicken, shrimp, fries and much more. The recommended time to be set varies from item to item in the timer.  Aicok Df-036 Deep Fryer comes with two handy indicator lights, and one will let you know when the device is powered. On the other hand, the second light tells us when the Electric deep fryer heats up. Don’t touch the stainless steel body during operation instead use cool touch handles.

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Aicok Deep Fryer 1700w Review

Make your search simple in finding the best deep fryer by reading our expert reviews 2018. This review about top deep fryer covers the highlighted features, specs, Pros and Cons. Choose the right deep fryer that best fits your frying requirements. Frying food is always a struggle between your hunger and patience tolerance. You can overcome this situation using the Aicok Df-036 Deep Fryer. It is simple to use and thermostatically controlled Fryer. This electric deep fryer allows you to prepare a variety of foods and is a versatile appliance. Hopefully, you will solve after reading this Aicok Deep Fryer 1700 W Review whether to choose this product or not. The Aicok Deep Fryer 1700w Fast Heat Up Immersion Fryer provides an innumerable number of features making it an excellent product to buy.

Aicok Deep Fryer 1700 W Features at a Glance

Fast Heating Electric Fryer: The electric deep fryer has a most powerful rating heating element of 1700 watts when compared to other deep fryers. Thus, it can preheat the oil fastly to the desired temperature for frying foods. As a result, the outside food remains crisp and inside remains juicy.

Adjustable Temperature and Timer Control: Temperature dial and timer dial increases versatility to cook different types of foods. The temperature of the oil is obtained exactly so that food stays tasty rather than getting burnt or greasy. Prepare perfectly delicious french fries, shrimp and onion rings and much more.

Easy to Clean: All the parts come apart, and the nonstick interiors make cleaning even easier as the food doesn’t get stuck inside.  You can avoid mess oil in kitchen everywhere with this feature. Cleaning is a breeze with this Electric Deep Fryer. Stainless Steel baskets prevent rusting of the  Aicok Deep Fryer 1700w Fast Heat Up Immersion Fryer.

Perfect Size: The 2.5 Liters capacity is more than enough to cook snacks for a whole family.  The fryer of  Aicok Df-036 is narrow so that it is more apt for house kitchen. Electric Deep Fryer consists of hooks for frying basket that allows you to lift the food out of oil, to drain.

Safe to Use: The lid present in this Aicok Df-036 fryer prevents the oil from spilling everywhere during frying. The viewing window on the lid allows you to monitor if there is any oil splatter. Cool touch handles of this best deep fryer prevent burning if touched accidentally.

Warranty: The product has a warranty tenure of 2 years against the manufacturing and quality defects. The company cancels the warranty if used the product other than its intended purpose.

Last update was on: December 14, 2018 7:18 pm

Aicok Df-036 Deep Fryer Specifications

Technical Details Description
Manufacturer Aicok
Item Model Number DF-036
Item Weight 6.06 Pounds
Product Dimensions 17.5*9.6*10.8 Inches
Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver
Power Wattage 1700 Watts
Power Supply 120V, 60 Hz
Basket Capacity 2.5 litres
Warranty 2 Years

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Safety instructions for Aicok Df-036 Electric Deep Fryer

  • Go through the instructions carefully before using.
  • Never touch hot surfaces instead use handles or knobs.
  • To avoid the risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury never immerse control panel assembly, cord or plugs in water or other liquids.
  • Close supervision is necessary if children use Deep Fryer. Make sure that children will not use this appliance.
  • Remove from the outlet when not in use, or taking off parts and before cleaning. Cool the appliance before cleaning the deep fryer.
  • Never operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or in case of any malfunctions.
  • Never use the deep fryer appliance outdoors.
  • Do not allow cord hang over the edge of table or countertop, or come in contact with the hot surfaces.
  • Never keep the appliance on or near an electric burner, or in a heated oven.
  • Take necessary precaution when moving fryer with hot oil. Always use oven mitts or hot pads for safety.
  • Firstly attach the plug to appliance first, then plug AC cord into the wall outlet. To Disconnect, turn control OFF, then remove AC cord from wall outlet.
  • Do not use appliance for other than its intended use.

All About Aicok Deep Fryer 1700 W

Guilt-Free Fryer: Reduce the calories up to 80% by using this deep fryer when compared to traditional fryers.

Feed your family: With the massive food capacity, it will be able to feed friends, family or relatives in one single time. The preprogrammed settings help for serving different food needs.

Safety at its heart: Having an adjustable thermostat, timer you can know when the food is ready. You will not burn food anytime with this Aicok Deep Fryer.

Pros and Cons of Aicok Df-036 Electric Deep Fryer


  • Carbon filter present in Aicok Fryer minimizes the odours.
  • Aicok Deep Fryer 1700w Fast Heat Up Immersion Fryer consists of adjustable temperature dial.
  • The best electric fryer comes with a very small footprint.
  • Viewing window present allows you to monitor whether food is prepared or not without opening the lid.
  • Aicok DF-036 removes the agony of cooking and also prevents oil splattering here and there.


  • The DF-036 Aicok Fryer is narrow so that its size makes it suitable for home kitchen and not more than that.
  • This electric deep fryer comes with a limited warranty.


On the whole, Aicok Deep Fryer DF-036 is a versatile machine that serves your various needs. This Fryer is a fast heating electric fryer as it has a powerful 1700W immersion heating element which brings oil to the desired temperature quickly. The fryer capacity is large enough to make snacks for a whole family at one go.  Aicok Deep Fryer 1700 W is a user-friendly product and is also safe to use. Aicok Deep Fryer 1700w Review s have got the positive response from customers, and they are highly pleased with its performance. Apart from the few flaws like this deep fryer is narrow and fulfils only small family requirements this is the best product to choose. The Top Electric Deep Fryer From Aicok is definitely worth the investment with the worthwhile features it provides.

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